Organo Gold Separates Itself from Other Third Wave Coffee Companies

While it is thought that America’s coffee culture originated in Greenwich Village it really took root in the Pacific Northwest. That part of North America is where companies like Starbucks and Organo Gold originated. Today coffee culture is all about the quality of the coffee and the social interaction that takes place while drinking it in coffee houses or coffee chains.

There have now been three waves of coffee consumption in the United States with the last one starting in the past decade. The first wave was all about getting coffee introduced to people all over the nation. The second wave was about making it taste good. The third wave focuses on quality and encouraging people to talk to one another while drinking a cup.


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Starbucks is the heavyweight of the coffee industry. Its first storefront was in Seattle back in 1971. Today it is a multinational firm with over 22,000 stores. They buy coffee beans from Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Brazil, Guatemala, Columbia, Mexico, and Costa Rica. They have been a major part of both the second and third waves of coffee consumption.

Organo Gold is firmly part of the third wave. This company, also international in scope, focuses on providing quality cups of coffee to its customers. They only sell their coffee through their network of independent distributors who make a commission each time they complete a sell. One way that they differentiate their coffee is that it contains a spore powder which is thought to be very healthy when consumed. It is also full of antioxidants and nutrients as well.

Organo Gold has also branched out into offering tea. They sell both green and red tea which are mild in taste. These, too, have the spore powder in them which adds to the antioxidants and other beneficial things that are naturally found in tea.