The Work-Life of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin studied accountancy in the University of Illinois. Lavin is a business person and a philanthropist with a well-established name in the UK. As a financial adviser, Lavin can manage large-scale sectors, and he can create an empire of businesses. Lavin showcases different successful business entrepreneurship skills. Today, Lavin is the role model for many young business people in the world. Lavin graduated from the University of Roosevelt with a degree in business and majored in finance in the Northwest University. The individual worked at a consultancy agency in the downtown Chicago referred as Sheldon Lavin and Associate for above 15 years.

By offering consultancy services, Sheldon Lavin aided in improving the production processes in many food processing companies. Lavin used funds in various companies he got involved in conserving the environment through sustainable practices. The individual used multiple models like delegating roles to his workers to aid in determining the areas of weakness in the economic development phase. Lavin entrusts the capability of his employees and does not believe that things can only occur when he performs himself. As a good leader, Lavin encourages teamwork. The individual evaluates production processes by use of the availability of resources, customer satisfaction, and the technology.

Sheldon Lavin worked as a consultant for OSI Food Solutions before his appointment as the chief executive officer. Lavin helped the company in the economic transformation phase. The firm developed from being a local company to serving the entire world. The company deals with processed value-added proteins like chicken products and sausages. Recently, the firm completed its development to increase the production capacity of quality chicken products by 50 percent giving 24,000 tons annually. The result of the improvement is the overall increase in the total production capacity of quality chicken, pork, and beef products to 45,000 tons periodically.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, in 2016, the firm bought the Tyson Food Plant to improve the quality of services to North America. Additionally, the company purchased the Flagship Europe and made it the major food distributor in the UK. Also, the plant got renamed as the Creative Food Europe. OSI Group took over the controlling stake of Baho that has extension in Germany.

Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a unique energy company in its design. The company doesn’t just hire employees and pay them a wage to collect payments, set up accounts or answer customer support questions. The company instead provides an investment opportunity for associates who believe in their product, believe in their brand, and who believe in themselves enough to invest in a meaningful and profitable business opportunity. This strategy affords the energy retailer to build its business with the best of the best. This opportunity brings people who are committed to hard work and the vision of the company. The Stream Energy team works to provide energy and other services to consumers in Texas, and across the U.S. Their award-winning customer service is proof that their methods and products are the very best. This company is driven towards success. In addition, its statement of excellence in service does not stop at product sales; it extends out into the communities of the customers that they serve.

Stream Energy has a philanthropic portion of the organization called Stream Cares. This foundation is at the heart of the company’s generosity. It is unusual for companies to focus so devoutly on giving back to communities when the company is relatively young. The focus usually on the bottom line. In this company it is hard to imagine how anyone could be a part of the team unless they had a spirit of charitable giving because that is what makes up the heart of Stream Energy. Stream Energy associates partners with local charitable organizations to assist victims of natural disasters as in the case of Hurricane Harvey which viciously struck Houston, Texas in 2017. It also partners with agencies like Hope Supply Company to relieve homelessness in Dallas. Stream Energy also partners with The Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity which builds affordable housing for low-income wage earners.

Philanthropy Gestures From Finance Expert Adam Milstein

Born in 1952, Adam Milstein is an Israeli American real estate investor. In addition to his real estate endeavors, he is also a philanthropist. He is also partner of Hager Pacific Properties and co founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation; a charity event that he started with his wife during 2001. Prior to arriving in United States, Adam Milstein served in the Israel Defense Forces. After this he attended The University of Technion and earned a bachelor degree in science and economics. In 1983 after moving to America with his wife, he entered the University of Southern California. He earned his MBA and then began a career in commercial real estate. His dealings with Hager Pacific Properties is accounting and finance management.

Adam Milstein went on an expedition across numerous countries and visited the locations of former Holocaust camps. Seeing these places in person gave him a deep insight to the events. The concentration camps led by Nazis and Hitler murdered millions of the Jewish people. In this mass genocide attempt, even those who were thought to be friends ended up being traitors to Jewish people because of the fear the Germans instilled. Adam Milstein stated that the Holocaust was not an event that happened overnight. He went on to mention that this was years in the making. Believing that there are similar actions taking place today, Adam believes it’s just on a different level in this modern time. In 2016 The Jerusalem Post acknowledged Adam Milstein as one of the most influential Jews in the world. He has been acknowledged and awarded by many other organizations throughout his career. His compassion and progressive approach guides him. Everyone who interacts with him is touched by his authenticity. Adam Milstein continues to spread Zionist ideas and inform people of history while simultaneously succeeding in the world of finance.

Vijay Eswaran n Shares Simple Philosophy of Life for Entrepreneur Success

Vijay Eswaran is not only one of the most successful businessmen, but also a well-known author and motivational speakers. In the last few years, his image as an author has become highly highlighted due to the popularity his books have achieved. Some of the books that Vijay Eswaran has written are 18 Stepping Stones, Two Minutes from the Abyss, In the Thinking Zone, and a few more. Vijay Eswaran has completed his graduation from London School of Economics and Masters in Business Administration in the United States from the Southern Illinois University.

Vijay Eswaran was interested in the MLM business as soon as he was introduced to it while he was in the United States, but at the time he didn’t take it much seriously. It was when Cosway Group gave him a business proposal is when he got more serious about it. Eventually, he started an MLM company that went on to become a huge success and is now known as the QI Group of Companies. Vijay Eswaran is amongst the richest persons in Malaysia and is listed by Forbes as well with the net worth of more than $500 million. Vijay Eswaran believes that it is necessary for the people who are in business to understand the importance of leadership to be able to take the company to new heights of success.

Vijay Eswaran philosophy of business is simple, and that is to make sure that you put equal effort in product development as much as in marketing because vice versa is what is happening in today’s date. Vijay Eswaran shares his life philosophy with his readers through his blogs. It is a process and takes its course and is slow. One has to ensure that they are on the right path and keep forcing change for it actually to happen.

Dick DeVos is unsung hero in U.S. education

Dick DeVos is known to many throughout the country as a political figure. The multi-millionaire business tycoon ran a self-financed campaign for the governorship of Michigan in 2006, which he lost only by the narrowest margins to the then-incumbent Jennifer Granholm. But despite the fact that many considered DeVos’ gubernatorial run to be a great success, proving that a complete political novice could take on one of the most powerful Democratic machines in the nation on its own turf, DeVos has never again set foot in the political arena.


In fact, Dick DeVos has only spent a very small part of his career engaged in political-related activities. People around his home state of Michigan are more familiar with DeVos for his many other pursuits. He is a noted philanthropist throughout the state of Michigan. This is particularly true in his hometown of Grand Rapids where DeVos is widely credited with helping to save the town from experiencing the same fate as its sister cities like Detroit and Flint throughout the 1980s and ‘90s.


But one of the areas in which DeVos has contributed the most yet received the sparsest praise has been in the realm of education. DeVos has been one of the most innovative figures in the world of education since the 1980s. Although he possessed no formal training in the field, the autodidactic DeVos helped to design curricula and create entirely new models of schooling that have proven to be enormously successful. In fact, some of DeVos’ charter schools provided early models on which a large number of charter schools today operate. And DeVos was working on developing these new paradigms at a time when charter schools were virtually unheard of. Today, there are nearly 7,000 such schools.


One example of DeVos’ enormous success in changing the way that kids are educated throughout the country is his West Michigan Aviation Academy. DeVos has been a lifelong pilot and general aviation enthusiast. He is type rated in an unusual breadth of aircraft, being fully licensed to fly everything from Sikorsky S-76 helicopters to Gulfstream 550 intercontinental-range business jets. DeVos realized that aviation could be a great way to get kids interested in learning about science, mathematics and engineering.


The West Michigan Aviation Academy uses this philosophy to help disadvantaged kids from around the West Michigan area achieve their dreams. The school has produced consistently high standardized test scores, showing that disadvantaged kids can perform at a high level with the right curricula.


Read to learn more.

Meet Dr. Mark Mckenna, a Businessman, and a Medical Practitioner

Dr. Mark McKenna is a renowned entrepreneur. He was born to entrepreneurial parents who he attributes his success to as they helped him realize his call while he was young. They were self-employed during his childhood.

McKenna is a self-made businessman as he never went through a training or business school. He started his forays into the business world while at Tulane University when taking his medical course. The future entrepreneur used to spend his free time moonlighting at a nearby prison and carrying out medical examinations. He saved up cash and made his entry into the property industry. One investment led to another as they grew naturally.

The McKennas.

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The investment activities led him to open Universal Mortgage Lending, and he acquired the Uptown Title. Companies portfolio enabled McKenna to carry out his operations in-house. They designed and built residential properties, mortgage financing, and title transfers without a third party. The company had over 55 workers.

Dr. Mark Mckenna sold Health company, his second firm, in 2014 to Life Time Fitness Inc. the new owners joined it with their gym to form an outstanding medical facility. He went ahead and enrolled for an MBA program in entrepreneurship. Mckenna was the clinic director.

Mark Mckenna felt the need to set up a new entity that could change the business process within the medical sector. He embarked on studies and research to ensure he had the knowledge needed to soar high returns. Dr. Mark Mckenna launched OVME.

OVME was designed to demonstrate personal touch offered by the entity. The retail medical aesthetic firm connects clients who wish to improve themselves with experienced and skilled healthcare professionals. Its first facility is in Atlanta, and it has plans of opening others in Las Vegas and other parts.

OVME uses a direct-to-client strategy, an approach that is new to the medical sector. It tries to combine the conveniences and skills of entities like Uber and Health company. Dr. Mark Mckenna has drafted a five-year plan that includes the funding option to propel the business to a high level. He wants to change the face of the new elective healthcare nationwide.

Jeunesse’s Accomplishments in the Skin Care Products Manufacturing

In 2009, Jeunesse came to existence, and as a global direct selling firm, its primary mission was to make people look and feel young through persuading them to set free their potentials. In the past decade, Jeunesse has shown a remarkable development rate, and it has been due to the hard work and support from its employees and distributors towards the realization of its goals and mission. Also, it has been rewarded more than thirty times due to its impressive growth and being exemplary to other companies. Also, its founders were Randy who served as its Chief Executive Officer, Wendy Lewis as the COO and finally Scott Lewis as the Chief Visionary Officer.


Jeunesse manufactures various product lines such as Instantly Ageless, Zen Bodi Line, Nutritional Line and finally the Luminesce Line and under each Line, there are deferent products offered. The first division being Luminesce Line, under it we have various products like Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum that was designed by a dermatologist. Also, it is highly concentrated with APT-200 in its formula that helps in keeping the skin glowing as well as erasing the wrinkles on the surface of the skin.


Secondly, under the same product line, we have Luminesce Advanced Night Repair that aids the skin to repair itself while one is asleep. It also helps in erasing wrinkles and Lines, hence sustaining a youthful look, and it is as well highly concentrated with APT-200 in its formula. Luminesce daily moisturizing complex is the third Jeunesse global product under Luminesce Line. It is a type of lotion that is designed to moisturize the skin because the Earth atmosphere contains some characteristics that help in drying the skin. Also, its formula has APT-200, which requires the sun’s protection that is supplemented with a Spectrum SPF 30.


Finally, under Luminesce Line there is Luminesce essential body renewal, Luminance Ultimate Masque and Luminesce Youth restoring cleanser as the Jeunesse Global Products. In overall, all these products aid in erasing the lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin thus aiding in maintaining a youthful look and feeling of being younger.

The St. Joe Company Gets Negative Report from Sahm Adrangi amid Forced Sale Worries

According to one of the reports by Sahm Adrangi, the St. Joe Company might be experiencing significant woes. This report highlights various shortcomings of this firm that might leave it on the verge of a forced sale in the future. To this end, major stakeholders on this firm are set to hold a conference that will probably pave the way forward for this firm. Some of the most anticipated hearings entail the take of the Fairholme fund, as they are the largest shareholders in this company.

However, this is on the realm of getting ugly for the Fairholme fund following some of the regulations that have been established by the SEC. Following years of downward scenarios in the St. Joe Company operations, their assets have significantly reduced by more than 90%. In turn, this firm is planning to cut the position that they hold by nearly a half. Although this move could have a positive implication overall, it still poses some of the greatest challenges to other affiliates in the firm. With such uncertainty, t is easy to tell that the acquisition process for this firm is based on shaky grounds.

The St. Joe Company – Underdeveloped Land

The St. Joe Company is a Florida real estate firm estimated at the cost of nearly $1 billion. They have grand dreams of transforming one of the most significant spaces near Panama beach city into established commercial as well as residential areas. This empty and open space accounts for more than 177k acres occupied by desolates and swamps.

Following the availability of such large space, St. Joe Company is making some lofty assumptions that Sahm Adrangi feels that they are wrong and off the base. This firm has sold the better part of their investors on a long-term agreement that spans for more than 50 years. This plan is aimed at turning the unutilized land into a fascinating business and retiree space. However, Sahm Adrangi is not sure whether this will have any significant influence bearing in mind that there has no considerable progress in the same plan for the last two decades.

Fortress Investment Group’s Foundation Can Be Traced Back to the Decision of Registering in The New York Stock Exchange

Listing an organization in the stock market has its benefits and a share of negative aspects that has made many organizations to reconsider their decisions of selling the company shares to the public. Selling the ownership of the company could water down the influence of managers and other influential leaders who have been controlling the company as there will be new owners who want to influence in the way a company is managed on a daily process. This could explain why many asset management organizations had not listed their entities in the New York Securities Exchange before Fortress Group listed its stock successfully.

Fortress Investment Group has an experienced group of managers, including Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger

Fortress Investment Group has an experienced group of managers and leaders who are trained and knowledgeable in policy making such that their decisions are on point and they are geared towards helping the entity in its growth agenda. After conducting significant research studies and financial analysis, senior leaders at Fortress Investment Group decided to register the entity in the securities market to the surprise of many economic observers. The market analysts highlighted that the entity would experience challenges since no other entity in the wealth management industry had done the same before, which means there was no reference point.

However, Fortress Investment Group succeeded in registering the company and selling its shares in the initial public offer. To date, the shares of Fortress Investment Group are still trading in the New York Securities Exchange which has forced other asset and wealth management organizations to consider the strategy. Selling the company to the public proved to be a stroke of genius as the entity became popular hence attracting a considerable number of customers who want their assets managed. It was the best marketing tool that Fortress has ever used to draw huge customers that it still retains today.

Despite becoming popular and attracting large and potential customers, Fortress Investment Group accumulated much money from the sale of stocks that helped the entity to have a strong foundation that is not matched by other wealth and alternative asset investment organizations. The company used the resources acquired to invest in alternative assets and other assets that would later prove beneficial to the company as it sold them for higher profits.

Ann Scango- an Artist with History

Art, motherhood, female empowerment, and environmentalism; these are both incredible, inspiring and interesting topics. So it is a great deal of pride for me to have read about a magnificent artist like Ann Scango, who found the Scango Collection Austin, one of Texas’s all female collections, based on her passion for those values. Ann Scango is a wonderful artist who creates a range of 3D creations inspired by her passion that are recognized across the state of Texas. The perspective of motherhood in art has changed through the years, as it still stands significant in within the world of Art today. However, this does not mean that Ann Scango found it trouble free or facile to achieve her dreams. Struggling to find stable financial footing, Ann Scango was lucky to have supporting friends and family to brace her into creating her extraordinary vision to establish female artists starting out.

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“I had no doubt that I would be able to fulfill this dream in some shape or form, maybe not to the scale in which it exists today, but even some small version of this organization was completely achievable from the beginning,” says Ann Scango in one of her interviews. Not only was she confident about her work from the very beginning, Ann Scango used the gift of internet to showcase and establish herself into the modern world through instagram, pinterest and many other platforms.

Since a very young age, Ann Scango was always doing creative things; whether it was spending time in the dirt to create something or playing with her mother’s art supplies. Not only has she advanced the process of creating through her work today, but she has also taken it one step forward and has started creating character and the sense of fulfillment into others. She sacrifices her own time and helps others with her experience. “Creating is essential to who I am,” she says.