Peter Briger and his contributions to the financial sector

Peter Briger is known around the world because of his significant contributions to the field of finance. He is among the 400 billionaires listed by Forbes. He has worked in the area for many years and has learned a lot of tricks that he applied even today. Today he helps others with investment ideas, and he is useful to the Fortress Investment Company. He has worked in various companies and has displayed his management skills in all these companies. He has been on numerous boards of directors and tasked with making critical decisions.

Many who have tried to venture into the financial sector can tell that it is not easy to succeed. You have to dedicate your time and have the experience to achieve success. Peter Briger’s success has not come overnight. He has been dedicated to the industry for many years. He has worked hard to be where he is today. He is an example to other upcoming entrepreneurs who want to achieve success. They should emulate him because he is an outstanding individual. Peter Briger is educated and attended prestigious schools like the Wharton School and Princeton University. He launched his career after acquiring the knowledge he needed to succeed.

Peter Briger has worked at Goldman Sachs where he had various roles in ensuring the company is running smoothly. He elected other professionals to help him run the company, and he was the primary decision maker when it came to critical issues. He dedicated his time at Goldman Sachs to market the company, and that is why he attracted various clients who had trusted his skills and knowledge. That is how he was able to grow the company.

After working at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger decided to move forward in his career. He wanted to work with professionals who had acquired a lot of knowledge in the industry. He partnered with others like Wes Edens and Randal who are known for the role in expanding Fortress Investment Group. Few years after joining Fortress Investment Company, his impact was seen, and the company’s growth increased. They also expanded their client base, and today Fortress Investment Company is a global organization. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group


The Life And Career Of International Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Saad Saad

After a long and successful career as an international pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad recently chose to retire. His career took him from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia to New Jersey. Additionally, he has volunteered to travel to Palestine a number of times during which he performed complex pediatric surgeries for free on wounded children with some of these operations taking 10 or more hours. His life started out with his family being ejected from their home after the creation of the State of Israel.

Dr. Saad Saad says that his father was a petroleum mechanic which meant that he was able to find a well-paying job in Kuwait as oil had just been discovered there. He spent most of his childhood there along with his six brothers and sisters. His father would remind him that he was a person without a country or passport which left his future very much in doubt. The only way to be a success was to go to college.

His brothers were engineers but Dr. Saad Saad said that wasn’t for him given they worked out all day in the scorching heat which he definitely didn’t want to do. He chose his profession because the work took place indoors in an air-conditioned surgical room. After graduating from medical school he emigrated to the United States.

Because he could speak English and Arabic, and had become a board-certified pediatric surgeon in the US, he was asked by the Saudi Royal family to move there. They wanted him to treat the children of the royal family and other Saudi children. He accepted and moved his family back to the Middle East. He worked in this position for about six years, up through 1989. He has said it was a great adventure and he’s glad that he did it.

He returned to the United States and started working in medicine in New Jersey. In addition to performing operations, he has also come up with a few really innovative inventions. Dr. Saad Saad wanted to come up with ways to reduce the pain of children after surgeries and help them recover faster. One of these innovations was his modifying an endoscope so that it doesn’t have to be put into and taken out of a body during a surgical procedure, reducing complications and speeding up the operation. He also came up with an electromagnetic catheter which makes it far easier to locate catheters placed in patient’s bodies to reduce pressure.

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William Saito Gives Cyber-Security Advice

William Saito is a beloved individual in the technology industry. He discovered his passion at a young age, and built his original company out of his dorm room. William Saito quickly rose through the ranks through deals with major corporations. He eventually was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998. His career would lead him on a path to working for the Japanese Government. The website Forbes recently published an article by William Saito regarding tips for an effective cyber security policy at a business.

The threat of cyber attacks is a real thing in the modern technological age. First and foremost, do not blame the victim for an attack. The real perpetrator is out there and is the true villain for taking advantage of a weak security infrastructure. However, its important to always remain connected to the internet no matter what. The benefits far outweigh any paranoia a person may have. Setting internal limitations on internet usage is also not beneficial to productivity.

In order to keep the team together its critical to keep the following tips in mind. Do not make excuses for not having the most up to date security. There is nothing wrong with whatever system a business may have. Constant testing and encouraging communication is important to detect errors early. The system must strike a balance between being invisible, but not affecting overall system performance. At the of the day, a single breach is not the end of the world. Always strive to improve the security and remain confident in its capabilities.

EU is a great trading partner for Japan: William Saito

In town for Interpol World 2017, William Saito, special adviser to Japan’s cabinet, talks about the Japan-EU trade deal and the third arrow in Abenomics.

There are few people in the technology industry who would could be considered a genius. William Saito is a man whose entire life has been driven by his passion to innovate and out perform himself. His cyber security tips are some of the most honest in the business. Cyber Attacks are a legitimate threat, but proper business practices and the drive to improve, will allow a company to thrive under any attack. William Saito will no doubt be remembered as one of the greatest of our generation.


Louis Chenevert Success

Louis Chenevert is a successful businessman, entrepreneur and the CEO of a company that is called United Technologies. He was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1958 and he grew up with a decent childhood. His family was average and overall he lived a good life growing up. Since a young age, he was always interested in business and in becoming an entrepreneur. Louis Chenevert was aware the business world is very competitive and that he would have to work very hard in order to be able to make it in this industry. He was always very encouraged and always very resilient when it came to his work. He knew that it was his passion and that all of his hard work was going to be paying off some day. He attended a business school in Montreal and he was able to gain a lot of knowledge about how the business world works.

Louis Chenevert majored in production management and was able to get a better insight of the industry. He was also able to learn new people and make great connections that would help him grow in the future. With his degree, he was able to quickly be able to to obtain a job, and this job would be the first to help him gain experience. He knew that he lacked experience and that it would be very important to have some in the future. He worked extremely hard for over 14 years and was able to grow a lot as a person and as business man. He gained enough knowledge and experience to be able to start his own company. All of his hard work was starting to pay off. Louis Chenevert is a man that is worthy of admiration for all that he has been able to accomplish through-out his life. He has been able to help out ,any people and become very successful.

Tony Petrello- Brilliant CEO of Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is a business executive and philanthropist in the United States. He is among the people who are making sure that the economy of the United States continues to shine for many more years. Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. A firm which has been in the oil and drilling industry for about five decades. In this period, it has established itself as a leading firm in the sector by offering the best drilling technology. Since it was created, the firm only saw great growth after Petrello joined the industry. He joined the company and immediately started working on issues that were ailing the industry. There was a need to make the industry develop by ensuring that the right technology was being applied.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors industries in 1991 after he left a job as a lawyer in New York to take a position of the chief operating officer at Nabors. The position he took would lead to great growth in the company. He held this position of the COO until he was promoted to be the CEO of the company. In the time he was the COO, he streamlined the operations of the company in search away that by the time the seat of the CEO fell vacant. It was clear that he would be the next person in that position. His contribution in the growth of Nabors Industries was so great that he got the company from middle-market level to a leading multinational in the world worth billions of dollars.

Tony is a brilliant manager who was talented in problem-solving. It did not matter what was happening in the industry. He made sure that everything that was happening in the industry was dealt with in the right manner. Now that he is the CEO of the company has not chanted tact, he is growing the company from one level of development to another. Since he took up the role of the CEO of the company, the company has increased its value due to growth which has been recorded. At a time when others were worrying about the impact of the financial crisis that hit the world in the last one decade, Nabors Industries under the leadership of Tony Petrello has been doing very well recording higher results than ever before.

Tony Petrello was even ranked as one of the top-paid CEO in the United States in 2015. His income is directly proportional to the profits the company is making.

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Robert Deignan Has Filled A Niche In The Market With ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan is the creator of a digital support company called ATS Digital Services. The company provides technological assistance for customers across the globe. ATS Digital Services handles general troubleshooting and connectivity issues remotely. Robert Deignan grew up in Florida and received a full football scholarship to Purdue University. This was where he earned his Organizational Leadership degree. During 1197 and 1998, he was with the NY Jets and the Miami Dolphins. Although he is devoted to his company, he did not leave sports in the past. He is a competitor in offshore fishing tournaments.

Robert Deignan got the idea for ATS Digital Services form technical issues he had seen regarding installing software for customers. The issue was the anti-malware software was being blocked by malware present on the customers computers. The led to the malware being removed by in house technicians. This was when he realized there was an opportunity for helping customers fix their computers through remote connection technologies. This means Robert Deignan begins his days early. His days start with a workout in the gym with a buddy for about an hour. When he gets home he makes a pot of coffee, breakfast for his son and sees his wife off to work. He likes to spend time outside to organize his thoughts and prepare for the day.

The majority of Robert Deignan’s ideas occur when he is outside. Nature enhances his creative thoughts. He relies on his partners for different perspectives when an idea occurs or is presented. If the idea seems sound to everyone it will be launched in the most efficient way possible to help achieve success. He believes using remote technologies to repair computers is exciting. This provides an excellent option for anyone frustrated by malware, a slow computer or issues with a printer. These individuals can have their computer remotely fixed by a certified technician without the hassle of packing everything up and driving to a repair facility. He does not believe taking a computer to a technician is efficient and considers the process a waste of time. He is pleased people have adapted to the newer technology.

Innovacare Health in Puerto

Innovacare Health is a health organization that was created to fulfill the operational expertise of medical practitioners and the payers in the evolving dynamic market. InnovaCare aims at providing services to clients so that they can change and employ more effective mechanisms for population-focused models. Dr. Richard Shinto, the president, heads the health firm. He is also the Chief Executive Officer. Modern Health recognized Dr. Shinto as one of the twenty-five top Minority Executive in Healthcare.


InnovaCare Health enjoys stability and success from the quality leadership it has. The top management has over 120 years of experience combined. This guarantees that whatever they do is well informed and acts as a recipe to guide healthcare organizations achieve their set targets.


The Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides has served in government-related programs like Medicare and Medicaid. With over twenty years working in the healthcare sector, she has extensive knowledge in formulating clinical plans, managing operations and processes. Penelope Kokkinides previously worked at Centrelight HealthCare as the Executive Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer. She oversaw the management and strategic division. She was also the Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health.

The health situation in Puerto Rico is still not yet at its best. Penelope Kokkinides, CAO InnovaCare, articulated this to President Donald Trump during a meeting with women in the healthcare sector. The meeting’s agenda was federal health care legislation. She emphasized the need to increase funding to the health sector in Puerto Rico.


In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare is the leading Medicaid and Medicare organization. The company acquired MMM Healthcare in Puerto Rico to boost its presence and to be able to provide quality health services in the island. The effects of the hurricane had put pressure on the existing health resources. InnovaCare stepped up and created Recargate. Recargate offers exercise classes, organizes seminars and mental health screening. This is a social responsibility project by MMM healthcare.


MMM healthcare, a subsidiary of InnovaCare, is responsible for the high-quality health plans to both the elder and those with special needs. InnovaCare in collaboration with the government oversees the Government Health Plan. The program has two Medicaid plans which have extended coverage benefit. InnovaCare launched a charity initiative which contributed 4 million dollars to help hurricane victims. More than thirty clinics were set up in Puerto Rico to reduce the health crisis. More than 25,000 people have received medical help from the clinics.


Different Methods of Preparing Water For Consumption and What Waiakea Does

The people behind Waiakea are very knowledgeable about the different methods of preparing water to be sold. One thing they know about is the different activities that water companies are involved in when it comes to selling water. Many water companies sell water that is actually very dirty. However, people have to also be careful about some of the cleaner companies. Waiakea talks about many different water companies and methods. One thing that they mention is alkaline water and how it is often prepared. One thing that they point out is that some companies just run the water through a machine in order to make it alkaline.

Waiakea discloses that the water they get is natural and directly from the source. They encourage others to make sure that the water they are getting is good for them. They also have something to say for people who are paying a premium for their water. One thing that they want people to do is hold the companies accountable. There is a lot of information available on the internet for customers to look into so that they will be able to make sure that they are getting the right products for their health.

It is very rare for a water company to disclose the pH level of their water. However, there are certain water companies that make it known to people the level that their water is. Waiakea does want people to understand that there is a lot more to water than what the company says about it. Waiakea not only takes in Hawaii volcanic water, but also puts them in biodegradable containers that people can get volcanic water benefits from. They make sure that the water they sell to customers is worth the price that is paid for it. They definitely make sure that they are giving the customers more for their dollar.

How The Trabuco Was Replaced

During the Middle Ages, things were very different from the way that things are now. Things then required a lot more and were not very easy to operate or to obtain. One significant difference between things now and things that were around then are weapons. War has a brand new meaning now than it did then. The new meaning that war has received over the last century is all thanks to the creation of gunpowder. A very significant weapon during the Middle Ages that no longer exist after gunpowder was introduced is the Trabuco.


The Trabuco is an ancient siege weapon that was created to be a better functioning weapon than the sling. The weapon was used to crush the walls that the enemy had up/. The weapon was able to launch stones that weighed over 500 pounds according to When the machine was at its highest potential after being redesigned by the Arabs, it was able to fire four shots at the enemy per minute. Four shots per minute can’t compare to the weapons available now, but then it was something that the enemy feared because they could not compete. The Chinese are credited with creating the weapon. After the Chinese created the weapon, trabuco was taken to the Middle East. The Arabs modified the weapon. After making changes the weapon, the Arabs took it to Europe to sell to the Europeans that were in need of a new and powerful weapon. The Europeans were amazed by the siege weapon and used it during the Crusades according to The weapon was bigger once the Arabs made changes to it. The weapon was big and powerful until a smaller and more powerful weapon came to the forefront. Gunpowder was much faster and much more detrimental than the weapon thus taking its place.

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Rocketship Education Developing the Leaders of the Future

Students Motivated to Do Better

Rocketship Education has some of the best teachers and students in the nation. The teachers are highly talented individuals who believe in a holistic learning experience. At Rocketship Education students have an opportunity to improve their grades, and the staff is dedicated to providing a successful and stable learning experience. Rocketship Education aids students in developing skills for thought-provoking college milieu by practicing study habits that are highly instrumental in students being the best in their chosen profession. To ensure students don’t get overwhelmed, teachers instill in learner’s ways to better manage their time by learning which assignments take precedence and dividing academic tasks into manageable portions.

At Rocketship Education schools throughout the nation students are incredibly motivated to attend school, therefore, resulting in better grades, fewer absences and more involved in extracurricular activities. The teachers and staff members at Rocketship Education practice modern teaching strategies, and they always seek to learn new engagement techniques that will result in the best instructional strategies. Rocketship regularly outperforms many other schools in the California area including wealthier school districts and schools throughout the United States. Rocketship Education ranks in the top 1% of schools who serve low-income students in California. Rocketship has a proven success rate through their hybrid method.

Learning More About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006, and it is a non-profit network of public elementary charter schools whose purpose is to eradicate the achievement gap by building a sustainable school model. Rocketship educators fuel the success of the schools through their transformational leadership. Rocketship has revamped the traditional school model by focusing on the personalized needs of each student. Rocketship Education provides targeted small group instruction, adaptive online learning, scaffolded practice, and direct instruction.

The parents of Rocketship students become lifelong advocates for their children and their community. Many of the parents arrange meetings with elected officials to discuss inequalities, organize field trips, or host a teacher for a home visit. The partnerships with parents underlie Rocketship’s collective impact. Rocketship believes in the infinite possibility of all students, and they take on the responsibility and believe it’s their privilege to unleash the potential in each student.