William Saito Gives Cyber-Security Advice

William Saito is a beloved individual in the technology industry. He discovered his passion at a young age, and built his original company out of his dorm room. William Saito quickly rose through the ranks through deals with major corporations. He eventually was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998. His career would lead him on a path to working for the Japanese Government. The website Forbes recently published an article by William Saito regarding tips for an effective cyber security policy at a business.

The threat of cyber attacks is a real thing in the modern technological age. First and foremost, do not blame the victim for an attack. The real perpetrator is out there and is the true villain for taking advantage of a weak security infrastructure. However, its important to always remain connected to the internet no matter what. The benefits far outweigh any paranoia a person may have. Setting internal limitations on internet usage is also not beneficial to productivity.

In order to keep the team together its critical to keep the following tips in mind. Do not make excuses for not having the most up to date security. There is nothing wrong with whatever system a business may have. Constant testing and encouraging communication is important to detect errors early. The system must strike a balance between being invisible, but not affecting overall system performance. At the of the day, a single breach is not the end of the world. Always strive to improve the security and remain confident in its capabilities.

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There are few people in the technology industry who would could be considered a genius. William Saito is a man whose entire life has been driven by his passion to innovate and out perform himself. His cyber security tips are some of the most honest in the business. Cyber Attacks are a legitimate threat, but proper business practices and the drive to improve, will allow a company to thrive under any attack. William Saito will no doubt be remembered as one of the greatest of our generation.