How The Trabuco Was Replaced

During the Middle Ages, things were very different from the way that things are now. Things then required a lot more and were not very easy to operate or to obtain. One significant difference between things now and things that were around then are weapons. War has a brand new meaning now than it did then. The new meaning that war has received over the last century is all thanks to the creation of gunpowder. A very significant weapon during the Middle Ages that no longer exist after gunpowder was introduced is the Trabuco.


The Trabuco is an ancient siege weapon that was created to be a better functioning weapon than the sling. The weapon was used to crush the walls that the enemy had up/. The weapon was able to launch stones that weighed over 500 pounds according to When the machine was at its highest potential after being redesigned by the Arabs, it was able to fire four shots at the enemy per minute. Four shots per minute can’t compare to the weapons available now, but then it was something that the enemy feared because they could not compete. The Chinese are credited with creating the weapon. After the Chinese created the weapon, trabuco was taken to the Middle East. The Arabs modified the weapon. After making changes the weapon, the Arabs took it to Europe to sell to the Europeans that were in need of a new and powerful weapon. The Europeans were amazed by the siege weapon and used it during the Crusades according to The weapon was bigger once the Arabs made changes to it. The weapon was big and powerful until a smaller and more powerful weapon came to the forefront. Gunpowder was much faster and much more detrimental than the weapon thus taking its place.

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