GreenSky Brings Rock To Bluegrass With A Stringband Twist

Bluegrass has been done before time and time again, but once in a while a new type of band comes to the scene and shows the world an entirely new sound. This is where GreenSky Bluegrass comes in to bring their fans a sound that is “not quite” Bluegrass, but definitely harkens back to its roots while creating a feeling of pure rock and roll. Their stage shows aren’t just GreenSky playing music, it’s a whole experience that includes light shows and other special effects that add to the whole ordeal.

This is why fans of GreenSky are looking forward to their upcoming winter tour with a lot of anticipation for both the concerts and their soon to be released fourth album. Their new album set for release on January 18 is titled All For Money and will feature their bluegrass sound with their unique stringband acoustic stomp. Their fans who want to follow along with their recording progress and lives can follow them on social media where they will be posting videos and updates.

They may have just finished up a fall tour, but they are already hard at work arranging their upcoming stops this winter. They expect their show to be epic and an experience that their fans will not soon forget. With the sounds of banjos, horns, and a fresh new feel to BlueGrass, GreenSky is bringing the world a sound that is familiar but completely new.

Since their founding in 2000, they have released 3 albums that include Less Than Supper, Tuesday Letter, and Shouted, Written Down & Quoted preceding their upcoming All For Money. The music of GreenSky has a lot of soul and lyrics that touch the heart while making you laugh at the same time. GreenSky Bluegrass truly expresses the joys and pains of life through their music in a way that touches their fans. Live, their stage show is almost as impressive as the music itself with lighting and effects that have continued to evolve through the years they’ve been around.