How Sussex Healthcare Takes Personalized Care Of Each Of The People They Help

On the southern coast of England, there is a company called Sussex Healthcare. Since 1998 they have been providing care for elderly people and other vulnerable adults. Their facilities include a gym, a daycare, and 20 full-care home. Their homes are live-in facilities for adults who have neurological or physical disabilities. They also house elderly people, often those who have cognitive declines such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

This company has a philosophy that the people they care for in their facilities should have broad access to recreational, social, and leisure activities. Sussex Healthcare says that just looking after their physical health would not be nearly enough as people should still lead lives worth living while in an assisted living facility. They operate a number of individualized programs that encourage their residents to stay active in their lives and engaged.

At Sussex Healthcare they choose the people they hire very carefully. The first requirement of any job applicant is that they are warm and friendly people who show compassion toward others and will want to learn about the lives of the residents they will be caring for. They also look for people who are proactive and willing to offer suggestions about ways to make the lives of the residents in the Sussex Healthcare facilities even better.

Every home at this company has a chef who makes fresh and healthy meals for the residents. They source locally available produce because it is the freshest and packed with the most nutrients. The chefs and kitchen staff have received specialized training so that they can accommodate a wide range of special diets such as ones with diabetes, allergies, and gluten intolerance. Sussex Healthcare also employs dieticians who develop, review, and customize nutrition plans for each resident they care for.

Another amenity they recently started offering residents is a centrally-located gym. The residents reach the gym through private transportation and everyone they care for has access to it. Among the amenities they provide at this facility are swimming pools, spas, free weights, stationary bikes, and underwater treadmills. This facility also has personal trainers who can help people achieve their physical goals.