Equities First Holdings Wikipedia: The Company Is Spread Across The World

Equities First Holdings allows people to borrow the money they need easily. It is a privately owned company that has a straightforward process. It is a full-service company and was formed in 2002. It has seven offices in various countries across the globe, including China and the United Kingdom. The company was formed in Indiana, United States. It has completed about seven hundred transactions during the past sixteen years. Equities First Holdings gives loans to businesses as well as many individuals who have a high net-worth and are looking for the extra cash they need in order to make good investments.

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Entrepreneur Alex Hern Creates New Collaboration Platform for Businesses

Alex HernAlex Hern is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. He specializes in early stage companies, specifically technology companies. During his career as an entrepreneur he has co-founded several companies such as Inktomi Goldman Sachs, which was used by MSN, Yahoo and AOL for search technology, Yesmail, which provides email marketing solutions, Military Commercial Technologies, which provided communications solutions, Arcsight, a cyber security company, and Cloudshield, a network security company that provides protection solutions. Alex Hern’s most recent venture is Tsunami XR, of which he is a co-founder. Tsunami provides technology and communications solutions for businesses in a variety of industries such as aerospace and defense, industrial equipment, healthcare and life services, energy, automotive, manufacturing and construction.

Alex Hern got the idea for Tsunami from the realization that technology was quickly advancing and that “there was going to be a need for new software applications and platforms” as society and businesses transitioned to using more graphics and advanced computer systems from the CPUs used in the past. Hern states that these new software applications and platforms would be able to create and leverage “new capabilities” that were made possible by the advancement of GPUs that is now available on almost every device and would usher in the “new spatial computing era.” Alex Hern’s key to productivity is spending “4-5 hours every day concentrating on the one thing that will allow him and Tsunami to move forward and achieve their goals.” In fact, Alex Hern believes that “multitasking is unproductive.” He also claims that he spends time during the night, when the majority of people are sleeping, to focus on creating new ideas and innovations and focus on what is making Tsunami successful and how he can build on these factors to create even more success. Alex Hern also states that “focus” is what has made him a more productive entrepreneur. He states that while it is “surprisingly difficult,” it is “extremely important” to focus on your goals.

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Talos Energy Takes On Stone Energy In Massive Merger

During the fall of 2017, The city of Houston and other cities across southern Texas were preparing for the effects of Hurricane Harvey.

The Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, Tim Duncan, was in the midst of preparations of his own as the storm neared his neighborhood of Kingwood, Texas. Stone Energy, a failing and bankrupt oil and gas corporation, was on the line for a $2.5 million merger opportunity. Though he had to pause the proceedings to rescue his wife and child from the waist-high flood waters, Tim Duncan pressed on and sealed the deal between Talos Energy and Stone Energy Corporation.

In May 2018, shareholders in the company would note the new New York Stock Exchange ticker, TALO, which would now represent both establishments stockholders. Shareholders should hold off on feeling nervous about a successful company like Talos Energy absorbing such a company as Stone, but one should wait for the low-risk ratio that comes with it before making any decisions. Stone Energy had a whopping $2.3 billion total in assets, which shadows the minimal to comparison $700 million in debt. The team has already reexamined new seismic data and discovered new drilling locations. Brand new wells have become established, and the newfound company is producing 16,000 barrels of oil in single day; however, the team at Talos Energy plans to do a far higher number than that soon.

Talos Energy didn’t halt their momentum there. No one ever had permissions to drill for natural resources in the Gulf of Mexico, but for the Mexican owned Pemex oil company. Talos Energy retained information from their Zama-1 well located in the A-7 block of shallow water in the Gulf of Mexico. They discovered a deposit in this location with the ability to produce between 1.2 billion and 1.8 billion barrels of oil. Pemex agreed upon a 2-year preliminary agreement which allows Talos Energy to drill wells in the A-7 shallow water block of Mexican waters in the Gulf of Mexico. At any point in time the President-elect, Obrador can review the contract between Pemex Oil and Talos Energy. With a staff with decades of experience in the industry are at the steering wheel, there’s no telling how far Talos Energy will continue to go!

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The History Of Organo Gold

Though not a household name at the moment, Organo Gold has been constantly looking to the past to provide its customers with the best gourmet coffee money can buy. The company has been around for over ten years now and they are currently headquartered in Ferndale, Washington. Ever since its inception, the company has experienced exponential growth and they currently use independent distributors to enable people to purchase their products. In less than a decade, they have managed to accrue a total net worth of over $35 million and, as such, they plan on sticking around for as long as possible.


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Organo Gold prides itself on filling their coffee with only the finest and healthiest ingredients and was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, someone with vast marketing experience. He works alongside a topnotch staff of employees including his partner and co-founder, Shane Morand, who oversees all the production and sales of its products as well as a scientific advisory board. Members of the board include Dr. Irma Pardo who serves as the chief medical consultant for the company as well as Dr. Li Xiaoyu who supervises and inspects all the ingredients that go into their products.

Organo Gold currently has offices in both Canada and the United States of America. While they do not make their products available for purchase in retail outlets, they have managed to maintain their success over an extended period of time as they maintain their net worth. Through the methods they use, Organo Gold has managed to secure a commission upwards of half of the retail price of products. Through their marketing techniques, they have managed to promote their products and services in one of the most effective methods possible thereby improving their chances of success. We wish them the best of luck.

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Talos Energy Investments In Oil And Gas Production

Talos Energy LLC it is a company involving in exploration, manufacture, and development of oil and natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. It was founded in 2012 and owned by Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings. The company’s headquarters are in Houston Texas.

The company is led by Timothy S. Duncan as the CEO and the President, Michael Harding II as the CFO and Senior Vice President, Stephen E. Heitzman as the COO and Executive Vice President and John A. Parker as the Executive Vice President in exploration.

The Talos Energy they discover and exploit Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf in the Coast region by trying to recover treasured assets that people thought they are unreachable by majorly focusing on the improvement in production and search.

The Talos Energy tries and focuses on locations where their teams have had an experience and also a region where there is a good geological formation. The employees, contractors, visitors and the public people safety, health and welfare are ensured to be the company’s priority and core value. Before they start their work in discovering and generating oil they first ensure that all requirements that ensure safety are met.

Talos Energy also involves in the business emerging activities JVs and farm-in where economic deal improve inventory. The management of the Talos Energy builds two private equity-backed companies: the Phoenix exploration and gryphon exploration and later sold them each giving back a return investment.

The company gives its workers some benefits like life insurance, paid parking, health insurance, and 401 matching.

On 31 August the Talos Energy Company made a declaration that they have purchased the whistler energy II. The Talors Energy they negotiated from $77 million to $52 million which was the purchasing price for the whistler energy company.

The strategic benefit of the Talos Energy to acquire the whistler was to improve and go past the present leases produced; it was beneficial to the Talos Energy because it would increase on the leases sales in the Gulf of Mexico.

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GoBuyside, The Biggest Global Recruitment In The World, That’s Right, In The World

Formed in 2011, by a young business graduate Arjun Kapur, upon his graduation from The Stanford Graduate School of Business, he went right to work in getting the company started.

In the 7 years it’s been around, it has had a phenomenal impact on world business by assisting firms around the world to help to keep their businesses alive by hiring top corporate talent.

Businesses today are struggling to stay afloat in the stormy seas of commerce, perhaps yours may be among them, if it is, worry not, because your company have a strong partner at their side:GoBuyside.

If you’d like to learn more about what this company is doing to help other companies, then go online today and set up an account by going to its trusted website to get started.

When you’re set, you can begin consulting top investment professionals in helping your firm in finding talented professionals who will help your business to make more money than they could ever have imagined by hiring quality business professionals.

GoBuyside has many offices throughout the world one of them is located right here in New York City, right in Midtown Manhattan, which is a booming, bustling area.

But you can contact them right in the comfort of your own home if you happen to own a home computer or you own a handheld device.

It’s never been easier, being able to contact business professionals without having to even walk out of your door unless you choose to. Well, thanks now, to companies like GoBuyside, you can.

So, come online today and set up an account to get started, to get started on the path to financial success, by finding and keeping reinvestment talent by hiring competent, qualified individuals who know how to run a business and how to generate income for their companies.

If this is the kind of results you want for your company-and of course you do-then come to GoBuyside today to get your firm jump-started, let it show you how you can make your firm soar to ever-newer heights.

Kevin Seawright Is The Successful Mind Behind RPS Solutions

Kevin Seawright co-founded the business RPS Solutions in 2015, taking a substantial step forward in his career. Home to Baltimore, RPS Solutions is a real estate company with some unique qualities where Kevin currently has a leadership position, taking on responsibility for the administrative aspects as well as the financing for the company. Kevin Seawright has worked in various community positions and government jobs over the past 15 years of his career, allowing him to make a name for himself in the corporate world. This work has also built a good foundation for Kevin to use at RPS Solutions. RPS Solutions is rather unique for a real estate business because it specifically helps people buying homes for the first time, even those with low-incomes, find good homes that will meet their needs. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter for updates.

Kevin Seawright earned his masters in business administration back in 2006 when he graduated from Almeda University. Kevin furthered his business education by attending the Mendoza Business College to earn a certification in executive leadership. The entirety of Kevin’s career has focused on the financial world, which is where Kevin Seawright feels most at home. Over the years, Kevin has handled very large budgets for different companies as well as the government. It wasn’ more until 2015 that Kevin finally left his position working in the community to found RPS Solutions and take his career to a new level of success.

A good community is not only made up of a single class of people and more often than not, affordable homes help a community grow. RPS Solutions primary goal is to help people find affordable housing through various services as well as reaching out through programs. RPS Solutions also offers mortgaging and low-interest loans to their customers. With current ownership rates in the 40 percent range, Kevin believes there is much more room to grow.

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Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a unique energy company in its design. The company doesn’t just hire employees and pay them a wage to collect payments, set up accounts or answer customer support questions. The company instead provides an investment opportunity for associates who believe in their product, believe in their brand, and who believe in themselves enough to invest in a meaningful and profitable business opportunity. This strategy affords the energy retailer to build its business with the best of the best. This opportunity brings people who are committed to hard work and the vision of the company. The Stream Energy team works to provide energy and other services to consumers in Texas, and across the U.S. Their award-winning customer service is proof that their methods and products are the very best. This company is driven towards success. In addition, its statement of excellence in service does not stop at product sales; it extends out into the communities of the customers that they serve.

Stream Energy has a philanthropic portion of the organization called Stream Cares. This foundation is at the heart of the company’s generosity. It is unusual for companies to focus so devoutly on giving back to communities when the company is relatively young. The focus usually on the bottom line. In this company it is hard to imagine how anyone could be a part of the team unless they had a spirit of charitable giving because that is what makes up the heart of Stream Energy. Stream Energy associates partners with local charitable organizations to assist victims of natural disasters as in the case of Hurricane Harvey which viciously struck Houston, Texas in 2017. It also partners with agencies like Hope Supply Company to relieve homelessness in Dallas. Stream Energy also partners with The Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity which builds affordable housing for low-income wage earners.


Jeunesse’s Accomplishments in the Skin Care Products Manufacturing

In 2009, Jeunesse came to existence, and as a global direct selling firm, its primary mission was to make people look and feel young through persuading them to set free their potentials. In the past decade, Jeunesse has shown a remarkable development rate, and it has been due to the hard work and support from its employees and distributors towards the realization of its goals and mission. Also, it has been rewarded more than thirty times due to its impressive growth and being exemplary to other companies. Also, its founders were Randy who served as its Chief Executive Officer, Wendy Lewis as the COO and finally Scott Lewis as the Chief Visionary Officer.


Jeunesse manufactures various product lines such as Instantly Ageless, Zen Bodi Line, Nutritional Line and finally the Luminesce Line and under each Line, there are deferent products offered. The first division being Luminesce Line, under it we have various products like Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum that was designed by a dermatologist. Also, it is highly concentrated with APT-200 in its formula that helps in keeping the skin glowing as well as erasing the wrinkles on the surface of the skin.


Secondly, under the same product line, we have Luminesce Advanced Night Repair that aids the skin to repair itself while one is asleep. It also helps in erasing wrinkles and Lines, hence sustaining a youthful look, and it is as well highly concentrated with APT-200 in its formula. Luminesce daily moisturizing complex is the third Jeunesse global product under Luminesce Line. It is a type of lotion that is designed to moisturize the skin because the Earth atmosphere contains some characteristics that help in drying the skin. Also, its formula has APT-200, which requires the sun’s protection that is supplemented with a Spectrum SPF 30.


Finally, under Luminesce Line there is Luminesce essential body renewal, Luminance Ultimate Masque and Luminesce Youth restoring cleanser as the Jeunesse Global Products. In overall, all these products aid in erasing the lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin thus aiding in maintaining a youthful look and feeling of being younger.



The St. Joe Company Gets Negative Report from Sahm Adrangi amid Forced Sale Worries

According to one of the reports by Sahm Adrangi, the St. Joe Company might be experiencing significant woes. This report highlights various shortcomings of this firm that might leave it on the verge of a forced sale in the future. To this end, major stakeholders on this firm are set to hold a conference that will probably pave the way forward for this firm. Some of the most anticipated hearings entail the take of the Fairholme fund, as they are the largest shareholders in this company.

However, this is on the realm of getting ugly for the Fairholme fund following some of the regulations that have been established by the SEC. Following years of downward scenarios in the St. Joe Company operations, their assets have significantly reduced by more than 90%. In turn, this firm is planning to cut the position that they hold by nearly a half. Although this move could have a positive implication overall, it still poses some of the greatest challenges to other affiliates in the firm. With such uncertainty, t is easy to tell that the acquisition process for this firm is based on shaky grounds.

The St. Joe Company – Underdeveloped Land

The St. Joe Company is a Florida real estate firm estimated at the cost of nearly $1 billion. They have grand dreams of transforming one of the most significant spaces near Panama beach city into established commercial as well as residential areas. This empty and open space accounts for more than 177k acres occupied by desolates and swamps.

Following the availability of such large space, St. Joe Company is making some lofty assumptions that Sahm Adrangi feels that they are wrong and off the base. This firm has sold the better part of their investors on a long-term agreement that spans for more than 50 years. This plan is aimed at turning the unutilized land into a fascinating business and retiree space. However, Sahm Adrangi is not sure whether this will have any significant influence bearing in mind that there has no considerable progress in the same plan for the last two decades.