Marc Beer: Establishing Renovia to Help Fight Diseases

Women are vulnerable to a lot of diseases, and according to the World Health Organization, there are millions of women around the world who are threatened by diseases which can be fatal. In Africa, women are suffering from rare diseases that could not be checked and studied locally because of the lack of medical equipment and budget for the health sector. As a result, more women are dying in Africa compared to other continents, and bearing a child becomes very dangerous for mothers. This poor condition of health services on the continent inspired Marc Beer to formulate treatments for diseases that mostly target women, hoping to improve their lives and extend it as much as he could.



Marc Beer is a dedicated businessman from the United States who has been researching on treatment and cures that could reverse the effects of diseases affecting mostly women. He established Renovia Inc., a medical firm that seeks to study rare diseases and create a cure for them. He is prioritizing research about the pelvic floor disorder – a condition affecting 250 million women. He is working day and night tirelessly to deliver results, and he also collaborates with other scientists to find out any issues with the treatment that they are developing. Marc Beer found success through the years of research, and one of their latest medicines, called Leva, has been inspected by the FDA and it was approved to be sold to the public starting April 2018. Leva is an effective drug, based on the testimonials of those who have already tried it, as it eliminated the effects of the pelvic floor disorder. It also provided comfort to those who were afflicted by the disorder in the past. Based on the observations from the doctors, the condition was eliminated after using Leva for months.



The news about the success of Leva increased the number of investors who wanted to work with Marc Beer. They are investing a lot of money to the company, with hopes that its value would appreciate over time because of the wondrous drugs that they are manufacturing. According to Marc Beer, he was able to raise a total of $42 million from investments, and he will be using the funding to research more about diseases and their probable cure. Many business people who have invested in Renovia Inc. stated that the company has a lot of potentials, and they wanted to help out Marc Beer with his goal of saving every life through the use of science and technology. Scientists who have been following the success of Marc Beer stated that his research could be used by the future generations to understand what causes these diseases that affect mostly women, and what measures can be considered to stop it from claiming lives. Learn more: