Alex Hern: Why AR And VR Are The Next Frontiers In Business Innovation With An Eye To Providing Innovative Products And Services

Alex HernAlex Hern’s reputation as a seasoned entrepreneur remains unrivaled. As an innovative and forward-thinking entrepreneur, Alex Hern recently grabbed the headlines by spearheading the development of Virtual Reality into disruptive businesses in the U.S and beyond. While both Virtual and Augmented Reality are essentially intertwined in terms of optimal operations, VR has emerged as the leading contender based on its groundbreaking forms of technology tailored to make life much easier than before. Suffice to say, VR application is predominantly based on entertainment purposes.

Augmented Reality often focuses on developing an innovative experience tailored to the real environment in which objects are amplified by internet-enabled drivers commonly known as sensory modalities.

His Role as the Innovative Leader behind Tsunami XR

In an effort to capitalize on the highly profitable VR and AR market, Alex Hern deemed it necessary to create the Tsunami XR and achieve unprecedented success. Since its inception in 2014, the company has become synonymous with developing ground breaking software modules that are not only interactive but visually appealing as well. Not only that, the company has combined such essential applications to optimize operational efficiencies, optimize industrial equipment and enhance productivity.

With over two decades’ worth of experience, Alex Hern has proven to possess the crucial skills and capacity to build innovative and successful businesses. Prior to founding Tsunami XR, the ambitious Chief Executive Officer had progressively built an impressive portfolio by working for various leading enterprises such as CloudShield, ArcSight and Yesmail. Alternatively, he has also extended his services on an advisory level to numerous Boards such as Zero-Knowledge Systems, Triton Network Systems and much more.

Alex Hern Offers His Valuable Perspective at the 5G Forum

With technology evolving on an unprecedented rate, Mr. Hern insists that entrepreneurs and businesses must keep up with the trend to not only make substantial profits but also stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant. While speaking at the highly captivating 5G Forum, Mr. Hern reiterated on the vast opportunities available to entrepreneurs willing to take the risk in business.

Furthermore, liaising with like-minded entrepreneurs at Silicon Valley can be considered to be taking the next step toward developing innovative products tailored at breaking new grounds in various facets of business. Having juggled a multitude of businesses such as the substantial sale of Yesmail for a whopping $450 million, the entrepreneur has proven to possess the right acumen to turn an idea into a profitable business.

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Ryan Seacrest Is A Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Businessman, And Entertainer

When it comes to an active lifestyle in the limelight, Ryan Seacrest fits the mold. He does an unbelievable amount of jobs and projects that would have anyone’s head spinning. This includes many companies, brands, host positions, and even a foundation for children. Mr. Seacrest’s most notable role has been host of the mega popular TV show singing competition American Idol. It first aired in 2002 and became a smash hit from then on. Ryan has been the host every season since the beginning, and he is coming back for the latest edition. The first winner of the show, Kelly Clarkson, has become an icon in the music industry and many followed behind her.

Ryan Seacrest loves his career in the spotlight, but also is very passionate about philanthropy. His organization, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, helps provide opportunities for children who want to get involved in entertainment and educational fields. They have broken a lot of ground and helped many children experience opportunities they would not otherwise have. Mr. Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is a very stylish guy as many people have noticed. His liking of fashion has come forefront, and he has started his own fashion line for men. Available at department stores like Macy’s, Ryan Seacrest Distinction is a sophisticated menswear line that appeals to men who want to look professional and dapper. If you want to take your look to a whole new level, Ryan created a men’s skincare line too. He partnered with the world’s best dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer to create a winning formula that provides the most quality products.

The award-winning entrepreneur owns a production company that produces many of today’s hit shows. Ryan Seacrest Productions, or RSP, is heavily involved in shows such as YouTube’s Best.Cover.Ever, Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset, Insatiable on Netflix, and many more. He created, and his production company works on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This show has become a mega hit over the years and many tune in to watch. Now he is the co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan. This daytime show has been a long running hit, and continues to amuse and entertain fans all over the United States.

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The RealReal Offering High-Street Fashion Brands For Less

These days, people have become much more fashion conscious than earlier. If you are looking for high-street fashion brands, then be ready to shell out hundreds and thousands of dollars, or you can choose to buy the same product at a lesser price and in good condition from the RealReal. It is one of the most popular online second-hand consignment stores that have gained much popularity in the last couple of years. People are always in search for better products at a lesser price and the company sources branded products from the users who no longer use it or want to get rid of it.

People who have doubts about the authenticity of the products they buy from the RealReal can be sure there is nothing to worry about. The experts at The RealReal check the products it delivers to the end users thoroughly for any signs of a fake. There are many sites online that would sell you fake products claiming it is real, but you don’t have to worry about it when it comes to the RealReal. The company has hired some of the top brand experts to ensure that the staff members are extensively trained to weed out the fakes.

The RealReal had the gross sales of over a hundred million dollars last year, and it is expected to go up in the time to come. More and more people are opening up to the idea of buying branded products in good condition at a lesser price even when it is second-hand. Finding a good deal is like a victory when scrolling through the product list at the RealReal because what you pay for original products at the company’s site is just a fraction of what the original price is. If you are looking for branded products at a lesser amount, the RealReal is the site you can trust. You can get more information about their new products and offers at their Instagram account.

GreenSky Brings Rock To Bluegrass With A Stringband Twist

Bluegrass has been done before time and time again, but once in a while a new type of band comes to the scene and shows the world an entirely new sound. This is where GreenSky Bluegrass comes in to bring their fans a sound that is “not quite” Bluegrass, but definitely harkens back to its roots while creating a feeling of pure rock and roll. Their stage shows aren’t just GreenSky playing music, it’s a whole experience that includes light shows and other special effects that add to the whole ordeal.

This is why fans of GreenSky are looking forward to their upcoming winter tour with a lot of anticipation for both the concerts and their soon to be released fourth album. Their new album set for release on January 18 is titled All For Money and will feature their bluegrass sound with their unique stringband acoustic stomp. Their fans who want to follow along with their recording progress and lives can follow them on social media where they will be posting videos and updates.

They may have just finished up a fall tour, but they are already hard at work arranging their upcoming stops this winter. They expect their show to be epic and an experience that their fans will not soon forget. With the sounds of banjos, horns, and a fresh new feel to BlueGrass, GreenSky is bringing the world a sound that is familiar but completely new.

Since their founding in 2000, they have released 3 albums that include Less Than Supper, Tuesday Letter, and Shouted, Written Down & Quoted preceding their upcoming All For Money. The music of GreenSky has a lot of soul and lyrics that touch the heart while making you laugh at the same time. GreenSky Bluegrass truly expresses the joys and pains of life through their music in a way that touches their fans. Live, their stage show is almost as impressive as the music itself with lighting and effects that have continued to evolve through the years they’ve been around.

Equities First Holdings Wikipedia: The Company Is Spread Across The World

Equities First Holdings allows people to borrow the money they need easily. It is a privately owned company that has a straightforward process. It is a full-service company and was formed in 2002. It has seven offices in various countries across the globe, including China and the United Kingdom. The company was formed in Indiana, United States. It has completed about seven hundred transactions during the past sixteen years. Equities First Holdings gives loans to businesses as well as many individuals who have a high net-worth and are looking for the extra cash they need in order to make good investments.

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Entrepreneur Alex Hern Creates New Collaboration Platform for Businesses

Alex HernAlex Hern is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. He specializes in early stage companies, specifically technology companies. During his career as an entrepreneur he has co-founded several companies such as Inktomi Goldman Sachs, which was used by MSN, Yahoo and AOL for search technology, Yesmail, which provides email marketing solutions, Military Commercial Technologies, which provided communications solutions, Arcsight, a cyber security company, and Cloudshield, a network security company that provides protection solutions. Alex Hern’s most recent venture is Tsunami XR, of which he is a co-founder. Tsunami provides technology and communications solutions for businesses in a variety of industries such as aerospace and defense, industrial equipment, healthcare and life services, energy, automotive, manufacturing and construction.

Alex Hern got the idea for Tsunami from the realization that technology was quickly advancing and that “there was going to be a need for new software applications and platforms” as society and businesses transitioned to using more graphics and advanced computer systems from the CPUs used in the past. Hern states that these new software applications and platforms would be able to create and leverage “new capabilities” that were made possible by the advancement of GPUs that is now available on almost every device and would usher in the “new spatial computing era.” Alex Hern’s key to productivity is spending “4-5 hours every day concentrating on the one thing that will allow him and Tsunami to move forward and achieve their goals.” In fact, Alex Hern believes that “multitasking is unproductive.” He also claims that he spends time during the night, when the majority of people are sleeping, to focus on creating new ideas and innovations and focus on what is making Tsunami successful and how he can build on these factors to create even more success. Alex Hern also states that “focus” is what has made him a more productive entrepreneur. He states that while it is “surprisingly difficult,” it is “extremely important” to focus on your goals.

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OSI Industries’ Incredible History And Future

OSI Industries is a multinational food processing company founded over a hundred years ago by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, in west Chicago, Illinois. It began as a butcher shop, and over the course of ten years the business entered into wholesaling as well. In time Kolschowsky’s sons, Arthur and Harry, took over the business pushing the company towards becoming the food mogul it is now.

Before the opening of the first McDonald’s restaurant in 1955, Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky made a deal with Ray Kroc to become the very first ground beef supplier for the franchise. Eventually the company became one of four suppliers to the McDonald’s restaurant chain. This was a major step towards becoming one of the leading players in the food industry.


While continuing to supply McDonald’s with meat, OSI Industries expanded into other food sectors and countries. OSI Industries opened a production facility in Bangalore, India, and spread into frozen foods, vegetables, and more. Part of this massive success and growth came from OSI Industries effort in Research and Development (R&D). In 2014 the company opened its second R&D office in Aurora, Illinois.

Throughout many of these changes and growth cycles has been David McDonald. McDonald has been with the company for over thirty years and is the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer. Originally from a farm in Iowa with a Bachelors degree in Animal Science, David McDonald has been a primary factor in the company’s expansion in many areas. Under his leadership OSI Industries has acquired Baho Foods from the Dutch, as well as Creative Foods Europe (originally named Flagship Europe). Despite these impressive advances, the company is very rarely in the media. Of this curiosity, McDonald said the company is a modest one gaining recognition instead through word of mouth. Overall, ISO Industries has come a long way from what started out as a simple butcher shop in a German community in West Chicago, Illinois.

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Talos Energy Takes On Stone Energy In Massive Merger

During the fall of 2017, The city of Houston and other cities across southern Texas were preparing for the effects of Hurricane Harvey.

The Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, Tim Duncan, was in the midst of preparations of his own as the storm neared his neighborhood of Kingwood, Texas. Stone Energy, a failing and bankrupt oil and gas corporation, was on the line for a $2.5 million merger opportunity. Though he had to pause the proceedings to rescue his wife and child from the waist-high flood waters, Tim Duncan pressed on and sealed the deal between Talos Energy and Stone Energy Corporation.

In May 2018, shareholders in the company would note the new New York Stock Exchange ticker, TALO, which would now represent both establishments stockholders. Shareholders should hold off on feeling nervous about a successful company like Talos Energy absorbing such a company as Stone, but one should wait for the low-risk ratio that comes with it before making any decisions. Stone Energy had a whopping $2.3 billion total in assets, which shadows the minimal to comparison $700 million in debt. The team has already reexamined new seismic data and discovered new drilling locations. Brand new wells have become established, and the newfound company is producing 16,000 barrels of oil in single day; however, the team at Talos Energy plans to do a far higher number than that soon.

Talos Energy didn’t halt their momentum there. No one ever had permissions to drill for natural resources in the Gulf of Mexico, but for the Mexican owned Pemex oil company. Talos Energy retained information from their Zama-1 well located in the A-7 block of shallow water in the Gulf of Mexico. They discovered a deposit in this location with the ability to produce between 1.2 billion and 1.8 billion barrels of oil. Pemex agreed upon a 2-year preliminary agreement which allows Talos Energy to drill wells in the A-7 shallow water block of Mexican waters in the Gulf of Mexico. At any point in time the President-elect, Obrador can review the contract between Pemex Oil and Talos Energy. With a staff with decades of experience in the industry are at the steering wheel, there’s no telling how far Talos Energy will continue to go!

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The History Of Organo Gold

Though not a household name at the moment, Organo Gold has been constantly looking to the past to provide its customers with the best gourmet coffee money can buy. The company has been around for over ten years now and they are currently headquartered in Ferndale, Washington. Ever since its inception, the company has experienced exponential growth and they currently use independent distributors to enable people to purchase their products. In less than a decade, they have managed to accrue a total net worth of over $35 million and, as such, they plan on sticking around for as long as possible.


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Organo Gold prides itself on filling their coffee with only the finest and healthiest ingredients and was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, someone with vast marketing experience. He works alongside a topnotch staff of employees including his partner and co-founder, Shane Morand, who oversees all the production and sales of its products as well as a scientific advisory board. Members of the board include Dr. Irma Pardo who serves as the chief medical consultant for the company as well as Dr. Li Xiaoyu who supervises and inspects all the ingredients that go into their products.

Organo Gold currently has offices in both Canada and the United States of America. While they do not make their products available for purchase in retail outlets, they have managed to maintain their success over an extended period of time as they maintain their net worth. Through the methods they use, Organo Gold has managed to secure a commission upwards of half of the retail price of products. Through their marketing techniques, they have managed to promote their products and services in one of the most effective methods possible thereby improving their chances of success. We wish them the best of luck.

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Ted Bauman Journey to Becoming a Writer

Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C and raised in Maryland’s eastern shores, and later he went to South Africa. He joined the University of Cape Town and graduated with a post-graduate degree in Economics and History. After attaining his degree, Bauman held various executive positions in the organization in the non-profit sector and offered financial assistance to different individuals. For over 20 years while he was in South Africa, he was a fund manager for a low-income housing project and eventually joined various organizations like Slum Dwellers International. This organization currently serve about fourteen million individuals in 35 countries. Bauman got an opportunity to work with United Nations, non-profit funding agencies in Europe as well as the government of South Africa.

The different position held by Ted Bauman and his education background enabled him to understand and gain vital knowledge of how politics and economics affect the society. In 2008 he returned to the United States and after five years being a Director of international programs, he became a part-time editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. Ted Bauman gained the much-needed experience and later began the Bauman Letter. This was a newsletter that offered advice to the vast group of subscribers concerning preserving and securing wealth. Furthermore, it equips the readers with tips on how to make smart investment decisions.

In a recent interview, Ted Bauman explain the idea to start the Bauman Letter was his aspiration to help others and protect them from exploitation. He added that having a dad who was a writer gave him the much-needed motivation to start and grow his own company. He also said for those in the writing industry should engage their skills in areas of their qualification. Consistency in availing exciting information also will enable you to grow the number of subscribers to your site. Bauman had an advantage of bearing the name of his father which attracted his dad previous subscribers to his website. New writers should seek reference from established writers to grow their business faster. Introducing new ideas for your readers will enable you to keep them hooked to your site and recently Ted Bauman introduced Smart Money which is a weekly stock trading service