Equity Lending Service

Is it easy to trust a company who is responsible for $1.4 billion transactions? Your answer should be an emphatic, “yes” to this question. The company that we are discussing is known as Equities First Holdings. What makes this company different from the countless lenders that can be found via a quick Google search? The main difference with this company is that they have been around for 16 years. Equities Fist Holdings has built a solid reputation as the got to company for stock-based loans. Why are stock-based loans important? Stock-based loans are very important for businesses and individuals who do not want to use traditional credit-based loans. It is also important for people and businesses who cannot survive the underwriting of traditional lenders. What draws countless businesses to stock-based lending is the low fixed interest rate. Businesses are also drawn to how little time it takes to go through the entire lending process.

Their LinkedIn Profile: https://uk.linkedin.com/company/equities-first-holdings-llc

Talos Energy Is A Leader In Oil Exploration

Since Talos Energy began operating in 2012, they have repeatedly outshone the competition when it comes to finding resources to be used in the oil industry. The focus was on the Gulf of Mexico and they have invested much of their time and energy in this area. The company explores and develops oil and natural gas in the Gulf so that it can be used by major companies located throughout the United States.

Recently, Talos Energy merged with Stone Energy Corporation and together they are developing plans to move further out in this area. Combining their already lucrative holdings in the area will allow them to have a greater hold on the production of oil and natural gas. The pipelines that are already in place will be increased also. Most of the holdings are located off the coast of Mexico and they are planning on expanding further. The new Talos Energy Inc. has now become a publicly traded company on the stock market and share prices have increased significantly in recent weeks.

When starting his company, Timothy Duncan used private investment firms to begin his operations. He has since changed his business strategy so that his company is now investing in its own explorations. Together with Stone Energy, the company will now be able to fund its operations with their own capital. The combined company will have greater flexibility in finances and low capital output. The company has been granted over 600 billion dollars in loans of which 300 billion are still available.

Timothy Duncan will remain the Chief Executive Officer of the new Talos Energy company as his experience and knowledge have increased the business over the course of several years. He has a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering and has been able to use this education to his advantage. As a child, he traveled the world with his family as his father was also in the industry. Industry insiders have said that Talos Energy’s future looks very bright. Many investors have been looking to purchase large amounts of the companies stock considering the forecast for future earnings.

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