Alex Hern: Why AR And VR Are The Next Frontiers In Business Innovation With An Eye To Providing Innovative Products And Services

Alex HernAlex Hern’s reputation as a seasoned entrepreneur remains unrivaled. As an innovative and forward-thinking entrepreneur, Alex Hern recently grabbed the headlines by spearheading the development of Virtual Reality into disruptive businesses in the U.S and beyond. While both Virtual and Augmented Reality are essentially intertwined in terms of optimal operations, VR has emerged as the leading contender based on its groundbreaking forms of technology tailored to make life much easier than before. Suffice to say, VR application is predominantly based on entertainment purposes.

Augmented Reality often focuses on developing an innovative experience tailored to the real environment in which objects are amplified by internet-enabled drivers commonly known as sensory modalities.

His Role as the Innovative Leader behind Tsunami XR

In an effort to capitalize on the highly profitable VR and AR market, Alex Hern deemed it necessary to create the Tsunami XR and achieve unprecedented success. Since its inception in 2014, the company has become synonymous with developing ground breaking software modules that are not only interactive but visually appealing as well. Not only that, the company has combined such essential applications to optimize operational efficiencies, optimize industrial equipment and enhance productivity.

With over two decades’ worth of experience, Alex Hern has proven to possess the crucial skills and capacity to build innovative and successful businesses. Prior to founding Tsunami XR, the ambitious Chief Executive Officer had progressively built an impressive portfolio by working for various leading enterprises such as CloudShield, ArcSight and Yesmail. Alternatively, he has also extended his services on an advisory level to numerous Boards such as Zero-Knowledge Systems, Triton Network Systems and much more.

Alex Hern Offers His Valuable Perspective at the 5G Forum

With technology evolving on an unprecedented rate, Mr. Hern insists that entrepreneurs and businesses must keep up with the trend to not only make substantial profits but also stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant. While speaking at the highly captivating 5G Forum, Mr. Hern reiterated on the vast opportunities available to entrepreneurs willing to take the risk in business.

Furthermore, liaising with like-minded entrepreneurs at Silicon Valley can be considered to be taking the next step toward developing innovative products tailored at breaking new grounds in various facets of business. Having juggled a multitude of businesses such as the substantial sale of Yesmail for a whopping $450 million, the entrepreneur has proven to possess the right acumen to turn an idea into a profitable business.

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