Entrepreneur Alex Hern Creates New Collaboration Platform for Businesses

Alex HernAlex Hern is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. He specializes in early stage companies, specifically technology companies. During his career as an entrepreneur he has co-founded several companies such as Inktomi Goldman Sachs, which was used by MSN, Yahoo and AOL for search technology, Yesmail, which provides email marketing solutions, Military Commercial Technologies, which provided communications solutions, Arcsight, a cyber security company, and Cloudshield, a network security company that provides protection solutions. Alex Hern’s most recent venture is Tsunami XR, of which he is a co-founder. Tsunami provides technology and communications solutions for businesses in a variety of industries such as aerospace and defense, industrial equipment, healthcare and life services, energy, automotive, manufacturing and construction.

Alex Hern got the idea for Tsunami from the realization that technology was quickly advancing and that “there was going to be a need for new software applications and platforms” as society and businesses transitioned to using more graphics and advanced computer systems from the CPUs used in the past. Hern states that these new software applications and platforms would be able to create and leverage “new capabilities” that were made possible by the advancement of GPUs that is now available on almost every device and would usher in the “new spatial computing era.” Alex Hern’s key to productivity is spending “4-5 hours every day concentrating on the one thing that will allow him and Tsunami to move forward and achieve their goals.” In fact, Alex Hern believes that “multitasking is unproductive.” He also claims that he spends time during the night, when the majority of people are sleeping, to focus on creating new ideas and innovations and focus on what is making Tsunami successful and how he can build on these factors to create even more success. Alex Hern also states that “focus” is what has made him a more productive entrepreneur. He states that while it is “surprisingly difficult,” it is “extremely important” to focus on your goals.

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