Marc Beer: Co-Founder and CEO of Renovia, Inc. Making Strides Toward Women’s Health

A medical technology company based in Boston named Renovia, Inc. is a startup co-founded by Marc Beer. This innovative company is developing an array of diagnostic and therapeutic items which will assist in the management of medical conditions that female clients struggle with involving the pelvic floor. Marc Beer, as CEO of Renovia, Inc. openly cites his enthusiasm at the level of interest that has been shown in accomplishing the company’s goal to more effectively diagnose, more efficiently treat, and, perhaps best of all, bring significant improvements to the lives of those who have been suffering with such issues.


Renovia, Inc. secured financial backing from multiple sources totaling $42 million dollars for the creation of their products. In fact, their first product to come to market is known as Leva and was just awarded FDA approval in April of 2018. For Marc Beers to raise $42 million in funding for a women’s health issue is exemplary. In addition to Leva, there are currently four different devices for the detection of and therapy for these concerns in the works.


Pelvic floor issues such as urinary incontinence and other afflictions affect approximately 250 million women around the world. Despite the number of individuals affected by this condition, there is still a great need for increased understanding of pelvic floor issues, which can create a base of knowledge from which to then understand the newest available treatment options.


Marc Beer is also hiring out his professional services to OvaScience under the title of strategic consultant. Beer brings over 25 years of experience as an executive with a focus on the development, progression, and commercialization of various aspects of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Marc Beer has proudly taken on the role of chairman of the board several times over for various organizations and has served as a board member for numerous biotech and medical boards. A few of the tasks with which he has been charged over his career include taking a former company public, leading exceptional levels of employee growth from within, seeking and attaining marketing approval for products on a global scale. As a man of many talents, Marc Beer has also been the driving force behind powerful commercial launches which offered a variety of products necessary to improving the quality of life of those with rare diseases on a worldwide level. Marc Beer’s education includes a bachelor’s of science from Miami University in Ohio where he proudly served as an adult on the Business Advisory Council.Learn more:


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