Talos Energy Investments In Oil And Gas Production

Talos Energy LLC it is a company involving in exploration, manufacture, and development of oil and natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. It was founded in 2012 and owned by Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings. The company’s headquarters are in Houston Texas.

The company is led by Timothy S. Duncan as the CEO and the President, Michael Harding II as the CFO and Senior Vice President, Stephen E. Heitzman as the COO and Executive Vice President and John A. Parker as the Executive Vice President in exploration.

The Talos Energy they discover and exploit Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf in the Coast region by trying to recover treasured assets that people thought they are unreachable by majorly focusing on the improvement in production and search.

The Talos Energy tries and focuses on locations where their teams have had an experience and also a region where there is a good geological formation. The employees, contractors, visitors and the public people safety, health and welfare are ensured to be the company’s priority and core value. Before they start their work in discovering and generating oil they first ensure that all requirements that ensure safety are met.

Talos Energy also involves in the business emerging activities JVs and farm-in where economic deal improve inventory. The management of the Talos Energy builds two private equity-backed companies: the Phoenix exploration and gryphon exploration and later sold them each giving back a return investment.

The company gives its workers some benefits like life insurance, paid parking, health insurance, and 401 matching.

On 31 August the Talos Energy Company made a declaration that they have purchased the whistler energy II. The Talors Energy they negotiated from $77 million to $52 million which was the purchasing price for the whistler energy company.

The strategic benefit of the Talos Energy to acquire the whistler was to improve and go past the present leases produced; it was beneficial to the Talos Energy because it would increase on the leases sales in the Gulf of Mexico.

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