Ted Bauman Journey to Becoming a Writer

Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C and raised in Maryland’s eastern shores, and later he went to South Africa. He joined the University of Cape Town and graduated with a post-graduate degree in Economics and History. After attaining his degree, Bauman held various executive positions in the organization in the non-profit sector and offered financial assistance to different individuals. For over 20 years while he was in South Africa, he was a fund manager for a low-income housing project and eventually joined various organizations like Slum Dwellers International. This organization currently serve about fourteen million individuals in 35 countries. Bauman got an opportunity to work with United Nations, non-profit funding agencies in Europe as well as the government of South Africa.

The different position held by Ted Bauman and his education background enabled him to understand and gain vital knowledge of how politics and economics affect the society. In 2008 he returned to the United States and after five years being a Director of international programs, he became a part-time editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. Ted Bauman gained the much-needed experience and later began the Bauman Letter. This was a newsletter that offered advice to the vast group of subscribers concerning preserving and securing wealth. Furthermore, it equips the readers with tips on how to make smart investment decisions.

In a recent interview, Ted Bauman explain the idea to start the Bauman Letter was his aspiration to help others and protect them from exploitation. He added that having a dad who was a writer gave him the much-needed motivation to start and grow his own company. He also said for those in the writing industry should engage their skills in areas of their qualification. Consistency in availing exciting information also will enable you to grow the number of subscribers to your site. Bauman had an advantage of bearing the name of his father which attracted his dad previous subscribers to his website. New writers should seek reference from established writers to grow their business faster. Introducing new ideas for your readers will enable you to keep them hooked to your site and recently Ted Bauman introduced Smart Money which is a weekly stock trading service

Marc Beer: Co-Founder and CEO of Renovia, Inc. Making Strides Toward Women’s Health

A medical technology company based in Boston named Renovia, Inc. is a startup co-founded by Marc Beer. This innovative company is developing an array of diagnostic and therapeutic items which will assist in the management of medical conditions that female clients struggle with involving the pelvic floor. Marc Beer, as CEO of Renovia, Inc. openly cites his enthusiasm at the level of interest that has been shown in accomplishing the company’s goal to more effectively diagnose, more efficiently treat, and, perhaps best of all, bring significant improvements to the lives of those who have been suffering with such issues.


Renovia, Inc. secured financial backing from multiple sources totaling $42 million dollars for the creation of their products. In fact, their first product to come to market is known as Leva and was just awarded FDA approval in April of 2018. For Marc Beers to raise $42 million in funding for a women’s health issue is exemplary. In addition to Leva, there are currently four different devices for the detection of and therapy for these concerns in the works.


Pelvic floor issues such as urinary incontinence and other afflictions affect approximately 250 million women around the world. Despite the number of individuals affected by this condition, there is still a great need for increased understanding of pelvic floor issues, which can create a base of knowledge from which to then understand the newest available treatment options.


Marc Beer is also hiring out his professional services to OvaScience under the title of strategic consultant. Beer brings over 25 years of experience as an executive with a focus on the development, progression, and commercialization of various aspects of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Marc Beer has proudly taken on the role of chairman of the board several times over for various organizations and has served as a board member for numerous biotech and medical boards. A few of the tasks with which he has been charged over his career include taking a former company public, leading exceptional levels of employee growth from within, seeking and attaining marketing approval for products on a global scale. As a man of many talents, Marc Beer has also been the driving force behind powerful commercial launches which offered a variety of products necessary to improving the quality of life of those with rare diseases on a worldwide level. Marc Beer’s education includes a bachelor’s of science from Miami University in Ohio where he proudly served as an adult on the Business Advisory Council.Learn more: https://www1.salary.com/Marc-Beer-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-AEGERION-PHARMACEUTICALS-INC.html


Talos Energy Investments In Oil And Gas Production

Talos Energy LLC it is a company involving in exploration, manufacture, and development of oil and natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. It was founded in 2012 and owned by Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings. The company’s headquarters are in Houston Texas.

The company is led by Timothy S. Duncan as the CEO and the President, Michael Harding II as the CFO and Senior Vice President, Stephen E. Heitzman as the COO and Executive Vice President and John A. Parker as the Executive Vice President in exploration.

The Talos Energy they discover and exploit Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf in the Coast region by trying to recover treasured assets that people thought they are unreachable by majorly focusing on the improvement in production and search.

The Talos Energy tries and focuses on locations where their teams have had an experience and also a region where there is a good geological formation. The employees, contractors, visitors and the public people safety, health and welfare are ensured to be the company’s priority and core value. Before they start their work in discovering and generating oil they first ensure that all requirements that ensure safety are met.

Talos Energy also involves in the business emerging activities JVs and farm-in where economic deal improve inventory. The management of the Talos Energy builds two private equity-backed companies: the Phoenix exploration and gryphon exploration and later sold them each giving back a return investment.

The company gives its workers some benefits like life insurance, paid parking, health insurance, and 401 matching.

On 31 August the Talos Energy Company made a declaration that they have purchased the whistler energy II. The Talors Energy they negotiated from $77 million to $52 million which was the purchasing price for the whistler energy company.

The strategic benefit of the Talos Energy to acquire the whistler was to improve and go past the present leases produced; it was beneficial to the Talos Energy because it would increase on the leases sales in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Organo Gold Separates Itself from Other Third Wave Coffee Companies

While it is thought that America’s coffee culture originated in Greenwich Village it really took root in the Pacific Northwest. That part of North America is where companies like Starbucks and Organo Gold originated. Today coffee culture is all about the quality of the coffee and the social interaction that takes place while drinking it in coffee houses or coffee chains.

There have now been three waves of coffee consumption in the United States with the last one starting in the past decade. The first wave was all about getting coffee introduced to people all over the nation. The second wave was about making it taste good. The third wave focuses on quality and encouraging people to talk to one another while drinking a cup.


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Starbucks is the heavyweight of the coffee industry. Its first storefront was in Seattle back in 1971. Today it is a multinational firm with over 22,000 stores. They buy coffee beans from Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Brazil, Guatemala, Columbia, Mexico, and Costa Rica. They have been a major part of both the second and third waves of coffee consumption.

Organo Gold is firmly part of the third wave. This company, also international in scope, focuses on providing quality cups of coffee to its customers. They only sell their coffee through their network of independent distributors who make a commission each time they complete a sell. One way that they differentiate their coffee is that it contains a spore powder which is thought to be very healthy when consumed. It is also full of antioxidants and nutrients as well.

Organo Gold has also branched out into offering tea. They sell both green and red tea which are mild in taste. These, too, have the spore powder in them which adds to the antioxidants and other beneficial things that are naturally found in tea.

Michael Hagele’s Sustained Success in Law

Michael Hagele is a lawyer for tech companies in the aerospace industry. In addition, he serves as an investor in startup tech companies. Michael Hagele earned a J.D. from the University of California. He subsequently earned a B.A. from the University of Iowa.

Michael Hagele’s experience is extensive. His skills include negotiating and drafting licensing agreements for tech companies. Hagele has also acquired experience in commercial licensing agreements, including M&A transactions.

During his career, he served as head lawyer for internet companies, where he oversaw legality issues. Even earlier in his career, he served Fenwick & West in Silicon Valley.

Michael Hagele has learned the importance of independent practitioners from years of experience. He explains small firms provide superb quality and budget-friendly legal services. For more updates, Follow Michael on Medium

Michael Hagele’s Schedule

Michael takes his bike for a ride in the afternoon to increase productivity and decrease stress level. He firmly believes this practice helps him focus and create new ideas.

During the late afternoon, he will address the dilemmas clients had earlier in the day. In addition to clients, Michael communicates with his foreign business partners in the evening.

Michael attributes his success to his tenacity. Michael believes that every challenge is a learning experience, rather than a failure.

Michael’s Mindset and Work Ethic

He believes algorithms are the future of technology. The analysis from artificial intelligence can assist lawyers like Michael in advising their clients. These programs reduce the cost of analysis significantly.

Michael strongly believes physical activity helps clear the mind. He believes in managing his time efficiently so he can schedule outdoor activity. He values social media for business development. Most people nowadays utilize social media as their primary source of information. For this reason, presence on social media is critical for success.

Michael Hagele career is impressive and inspiring. His level-headed approach allows him to work sustainably and consistently.

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GoBuyside, The Biggest Global Recruitment In The World, That’s Right, In The World

Formed in 2011, by a young business graduate Arjun Kapur, upon his graduation from The Stanford Graduate School of Business, he went right to work in getting the company started.

In the 7 years it’s been around, it has had a phenomenal impact on world business by assisting firms around the world to help to keep their businesses alive by hiring top corporate talent.

Businesses today are struggling to stay afloat in the stormy seas of commerce, perhaps yours may be among them, if it is, worry not, because your company have a strong partner at their side:GoBuyside.

If you’d like to learn more about what this company is doing to help other companies, then go online today and set up an account by going to its trusted website to get started.

When you’re set, you can begin consulting top investment professionals in helping your firm in finding talented professionals who will help your business to make more money than they could ever have imagined by hiring quality business professionals.

GoBuyside has many offices throughout the world one of them is located right here in New York City, right in Midtown Manhattan, which is a booming, bustling area.

But you can contact them right in the comfort of your own home if you happen to own a home computer or you own a handheld device.

It’s never been easier, being able to contact business professionals without having to even walk out of your door unless you choose to. Well, thanks now, to companies like GoBuyside, you can.

So, come online today and set up an account to get started, to get started on the path to financial success, by finding and keeping reinvestment talent by hiring competent, qualified individuals who know how to run a business and how to generate income for their companies.

If this is the kind of results you want for your company-and of course you do-then come to GoBuyside today to get your firm jump-started, let it show you how you can make your firm soar to ever-newer heights.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel on the Leading Causes of Emergency Room Visits for Non-urgent Medical Situations

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, an experienced emergency room physician who has been working in the emergency room department for several years seems to have detected an emerging trend in Miami, Florida. According to the experienced emergency room physician, the number of individuals seeking medical services in the emergency department for non-urgent medical situations seems to be increasing. The heart of the matter is that this problem is not only being experienced in Florida but it also rampant in other states around the country. This is a cause for alarm as medical experts, and the policymakers need to understand why there is such a trend before it becomes too much for the emergency rooms to handle.

According to various research studies, the number of people visiting emergency rooms for non-urgent medical cases is approaching an average of 37% of all the patients visiting hospitals. Although these statistics have explicitly been located in Florida, you can easily generalize this information to other states because all the states have been reporting the same incidence. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel reports that various research studies have noted that the problem did not just start another day, but it can be traced back to 1990. However, the number has been increasing tremendously to the extent that it is attracting attention.

What many people who are interested in the trending problem want to understand is why patients would seek medical attention in the emergency room for medical cases that have been classifieds non-urgent upon critical examination. According to Dr. Eric Forsthoefel and a research study conducted in George Washington University, many individuals, especially those classified as high-income earners prefer to seek medical attention in the emergency room as they have a perception that it would take more than twenty-four hours to secure an appointment with a primary care doctor.

The finding of getting an appointment from the primary care provider exposes much information about the needy status of our hospitals such that they do not have enough primary care providers to offer the necessary medical support to patients when needed. This is something that the government and other policy makers and implementers need to put into considerations, especially if they want to reverse this trend. It appears that much emphasis has been put on ensuring that the emergency department has the necessary physicians to handle the needs of the patients at the expense of primary health care, which caters for most of the minor health cases reported in hospitals.

On the other hand, a low-income group of individuals preferred medical attention in the emergency department because they had a perception that they would get qualified and professional medical attention than they would get in the primary care department. Moreover, some of the low-income individuals did not have established relationships between themselves and the primary health care providers which means that they would prefer the services of an emergency room for its conveniences. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel continues to indicate that millennials would prefer to seek medical attention for non-urgent medical situations in the emergency department for reasons yet to be established.