Improving Access to Capital in Dallas

NexBank is an innovative lender that has taken strides to improve Dallas neighborhoods. The bank has allocated more than fifty million dollars in capital to a program established in the area. The mortgage service will operate on a non-profit basis and attempts to provide affordable housing to underserved populations.

NexBank is working with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to create sustainable and effective solutions to the housing crisis. Currently, there are very few homeowners in the northern part of Texas. Not only will NexBank help with mortgages but they have also allocated funds to cover closing costs for each loan.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes has been established for a long time and has continually shaped local communities. With assistance from NexBank, it is possible for their initiatives to reach new heights. Better funding opportunities set NexBank apart from the rest. Their efforts have had a profound effect on the way that services are administered on an ongoing basis too.

Other initiatives by NexBank are supported by their acquisition of College Savings Bank. With more than five hundred savings programs, the bank offers access to much-needed resources for higher education. The acquisition by NexBank has helped them expand services and products to their existing customer base. It has also helped them diversify options in more localities than before.

Because NexBank serves both individuals, community organizations, and groups, they address banking needs in multidimensional verticals. From investment banking to savings plans, NexBank helps customers get the highest quality in consultation and service. They are also focused on being innovators, offering the newest and most relevant products to target audiences. Acquiring College Savings Bank was one way that NexBank could offer more resilient and diversified options to the parents of students and families interested in higher education.

From mortgage banking to saving for college, NexBank has empowered thousands of people to achieve their goals. Their easy to use services and professional customer service team members make it easy to find out what programs are available. With a constantly growing list of options, they also help facilitate growth throughout the economy in Dallas and surrounding areas.

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