Fortress Investment Group’s Foundation Can Be Traced Back to the Decision of Registering in The New York Stock Exchange

Listing an organization in the stock market has its benefits and a share of negative aspects that has made many organizations to reconsider their decisions of selling the company shares to the public. Selling the ownership of the company could water down the influence of managers and other influential leaders who have been controlling the company as there will be new owners who want to influence in the way a company is managed on a daily process. This could explain why many asset management organizations had not listed their entities in the New York Securities Exchange before Fortress Group listed its stock successfully.

Fortress Investment Group has an experienced group of managers, including Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger

Fortress Investment Group has an experienced group of managers and leaders who are trained and knowledgeable in policy making such that their decisions are on point and they are geared towards helping the entity in its growth agenda. After conducting significant research studies and financial analysis, senior leaders at Fortress Investment Group decided to register the entity in the securities market to the surprise of many economic observers. The market analysts highlighted that the entity would experience challenges since no other entity in the wealth management industry had done the same before, which means there was no reference point.

However, Fortress Investment Group succeeded in registering the company and selling its shares in the initial public offer. To date, the shares of Fortress Investment Group are still trading in the New York Securities Exchange which has forced other asset and wealth management organizations to consider the strategy. Selling the company to the public proved to be a stroke of genius as the entity became popular hence attracting a considerable number of customers who want their assets managed. It was the best marketing tool that Fortress has ever used to draw huge customers that it still retains today.

Despite becoming popular and attracting large and potential customers, Fortress Investment Group accumulated much money from the sale of stocks that helped the entity to have a strong foundation that is not matched by other wealth and alternative asset investment organizations. The company used the resources acquired to invest in alternative assets and other assets that would later prove beneficial to the company as it sold them for higher profits.

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