Ann Scango- an Artist with History

Art, motherhood, female empowerment, and environmentalism; these are both incredible, inspiring and interesting topics. So it is a great deal of pride for me to have read about a magnificent artist like Ann Scango, who found the Scango Collection Austin, one of Texas’s all female collections, based on her passion for those values. Ann Scango is a wonderful artist who creates a range of 3D creations inspired by her passion that are recognized across the state of Texas. The perspective of motherhood in art has changed through the years, as it still stands significant in within the world of Art today. However, this does not mean that Ann Scango found it trouble free or facile to achieve her dreams. Struggling to find stable financial footing, Ann Scango was lucky to have supporting friends and family to brace her into creating her extraordinary vision to establish female artists starting out.

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“I had no doubt that I would be able to fulfill this dream in some shape or form, maybe not to the scale in which it exists today, but even some small version of this organization was completely achievable from the beginning,” says Ann Scango in one of her interviews. Not only was she confident about her work from the very beginning, Ann Scango used the gift of internet to showcase and establish herself into the modern world through instagram, pinterest and many other platforms.

Since a very young age, Ann Scango was always doing creative things; whether it was spending time in the dirt to create something or playing with her mother’s art supplies. Not only has she advanced the process of creating through her work today, but she has also taken it one step forward and has started creating character and the sense of fulfillment into others. She sacrifices her own time and helps others with her experience. “Creating is essential to who I am,” she says.

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