Rocketship Education Developing the Leaders of the Future

Students Motivated to Do Better

Rocketship Education has some of the best teachers and students in the nation. The teachers are highly talented individuals who believe in a holistic learning experience. At Rocketship Education students have an opportunity to improve their grades, and the staff is dedicated to providing a successful and stable learning experience. Rocketship Education aids students in developing skills for thought-provoking college milieu by practicing study habits that are highly instrumental in students being the best in their chosen profession. To ensure students don’t get overwhelmed, teachers instill in learner’s ways to better manage their time by learning which assignments take precedence and dividing academic tasks into manageable portions.

At Rocketship Education schools throughout the nation students are incredibly motivated to attend school, therefore, resulting in better grades, fewer absences and more involved in extracurricular activities. The teachers and staff members at Rocketship Education practice modern teaching strategies, and they always seek to learn new engagement techniques that will result in the best instructional strategies. Rocketship regularly outperforms many other schools in the California area including wealthier school districts and schools throughout the United States. Rocketship Education ranks in the top 1% of schools who serve low-income students in California. Rocketship has a proven success rate through their hybrid method.

Learning More About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006, and it is a non-profit network of public elementary charter schools whose purpose is to eradicate the achievement gap by building a sustainable school model. Rocketship educators fuel the success of the schools through their transformational leadership. Rocketship has revamped the traditional school model by focusing on the personalized needs of each student. Rocketship Education provides targeted small group instruction, adaptive online learning, scaffolded practice, and direct instruction.

The parents of Rocketship students become lifelong advocates for their children and their community. Many of the parents arrange meetings with elected officials to discuss inequalities, organize field trips, or host a teacher for a home visit. The partnerships with parents underlie Rocketship’s collective impact. Rocketship believes in the infinite possibility of all students, and they take on the responsibility and believe it’s their privilege to unleash the potential in each student.

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