How Fagali’I Airport Serves Apia, Samoa

Apia is the capital city of Samoa. It is the biggest city in this nation with a population of around 1700 people. It is served by an airport in the city called Fagali’I Airport (code FGI). This airport as a single paved landing strip and it is is owned by Polynesian Airlines. Over the years there have been three other airlines besides Polynesian Airlines that have used Fagali’i Airport these are Samoa Air, Talofa Airways, and South Pacific Island Airways. Presently Polynesian Airlines has three DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft which it flies in and out of this airport. Currently Polynesian Airlines has flights to Pago Pago.


Most people that fly into Fagali’I are there as tourists though some are there on business. The flight from Pago Pago takes just 39 minutes and a round trip flight for an adult costs about $150 (380 wst). Once in Apia there are a number of options when it comes on where to stay. Most of the hotels are not very far from Fagali’I Airport. Many are within a few kilometers while the farthest, Lupe Sina Treesort, is 15 kilometers away. The hotels are very affordable. The most expensive one is the Sheraton Samoa Aggie Gray’s Hotel & Bungalows. This hotel charges $187 a night or can be had through Priceline for $174 a night currently. There are other hotels that are very inexpensive, such as the Samoan Outrigger Hotel which is $57 a night, or $49 through Priceline according to

Apia was first established in the 1850s and has a rich history. The author Robert Louis Stevenson lived in Samoa for a number of years and died there in 1894. Near Fagali’I Airport there is a tourist attraction called the Robert Louis Stevenson’s House where he had lived according to This house now serves as a museum and is kept in very good condition by its caretakers. Inside the home there are collections of historical items both from this home as well as others of that era. Tourists can also visit this author’s grave which is located at the summit of Mt. Vaea above his home.

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