Wireless Containment From Securus Technologies Reduces Crime

Who Is Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is a long standing inmate calling regulation provider under the direction of the state. They used advanced technology to get to the monitor and provide affordable services to regulation services provides throughout the Public Service commission in your state. Established since, 1975, Securus is known for their customer support, quality services, and affordability. Their use of surveillance and monitoring has been their go-to surveillance tool for their crime prevention initiatives. Get more details on becoming a customer from their exclusive website details with live customer support 24 hours a day.


Securus Technologies: Wireless Containment


Wireless containment has already had a 76.8% success rate in eliminating illegal cellphone use in a correctional facility. Securus CEO, Rick A. Smith says, illegal contraband is on the rise a must go beyond incarceration. Most facility crimes start with a lack of monitoring telecommunications calls. Wireless containment stops the use of cellphones by inmates with remote access. Securus technology won’t affect daily operations and will aid law enforcement focus on the most important aspect of their duties. Correctional facility personnel will experience no service interruptions under the stipulations of their specific facility procedures.


Securus Crime Features


reduced inmate contraband

– stop illegal gambling

– stop employee related crimes

– eliminate illegal inmate trading

– confidential crime reporting services


Their goal is to improve the general safety of the public by improving telecommunications security. Their IT professionals are highly trained in communications support.


Their certification 1 accreditation will help them reach a large number of inmates and families overseas. Unfortunately, thousands of customers are suffering from an ability to connect with loved ones and what’s worst is an American in custody overseas with no resources to call home. Securus Technology works hard to keep their international customers connected.


Securus Technologies Services


Inmate Voicemail


Did you know you can now leave an inmate a message. That’s right; you can contact an inmate with their state issued id and send a facility approved message. Stop by to say hello or let an inmate hear their childs voice.


Inmate Kiosk


There is a great kiosk system available to help inmates learn more about their account when they need from directly inside their pod. They can pay facility related infractions or victim restitution directly from their inmate account. This feature helps reduce the paper load from inmate commissary accounts in a correctional facility.


Go directly to the Securus Technologies online site to learn more about their preferred services and features. Their are over 346,000+ customers worldwide depending on the trusted Securus Technologies network. Join the Securus Technologies family today and get quality inmate calling toy can afford.


Whitney Wolfe Herd Reached New Generation of Singles

Whitney Wolfe Herd is someone that people are taking notice of. Her ability to change the dating game is nothing short of miraculous when single people look at the way that the dating app game was set up. In the early stages it seemed as if the dating app environment was simply running on autopilot. Most of the apps look the same, and a large majority of these apps were created primarily because there were already websites that existed for dating. Big websites like match and eHarmony were following the protocol to provide apps for smartphones because this is what people were transitioning to as smart device technology evolved. There was not a big thought process behind anything when it came to the way that matches were made. Most of the matching apps were the same until Whitney Wolfe heard came along. She would be the one that would have a say in how apps were able to change the course of what it would be like to meet in a world where women were making the first move.

There is a great amount of excitement that is shown by what Whitney Wolfe Herd has done in terms of shaking up the initial environment that was created by older white men that ran the dating app game when it was more based on website matching.

What Whitney Wolfe has done with the concept of dating apps is make it cool for a millennial generation. Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe: ‘I’m worried we’re alienating the good guys’
As matchmaking transcended from websites to apps it became evident that it was going to reach a younger audience. When eHarmony and Match were created this was a concept that was connected more so to a generation of older adults. This focus more on the working-class middle-aged adults that were done with bars and clubs. It was a crowd that was more interested in finding a mate, settling down and getting married. Billion-Dollar Bumble: How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating Ap

What Whitney Wolfe Herd has done with the new age Bumble dating app is make it possible for women to make the first move and actually present an environment where dating is just dating. It does not have to lead into a marriage. It does not have to be a lifetime commitment goal for singles that are utilizing Bumble. Whitney Wolfe has taken the stigma away from dating apps and given women the freedom to make the first move once a match is made. The Founder Of Bumble On The Future Of Dating & Making It In Your 20s

How Fagali’I Airport Serves Apia, Samoa

Apia is the capital city of Samoa. It is the biggest city in this nation with a population of around 1700 people. It is served by an airport in the city called Fagali’I Airport (code FGI). This airport as a single paved landing strip and it is is owned by Polynesian Airlines. Over the years there have been three other airlines besides Polynesian Airlines that have used Fagali’i Airport these are Samoa Air, Talofa Airways, and South Pacific Island Airways. Presently Polynesian Airlines has three DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft which it flies in and out of this airport. Currently Polynesian Airlines has flights to Pago Pago.

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Most people that fly into Fagali’I are there as tourists though some are there on business. The flight from Pago Pago takes just 39 minutes and a round trip flight for an adult costs about $150 (380 wst). Once in Apia there are a number of options when it comes on where to stay. Most of the hotels are not very far from Fagali’I Airport. Many are within a few kilometers while the farthest, Lupe Sina Treesort, is 15 kilometers away. The hotels are very affordable. The most expensive one is the Sheraton Samoa Aggie Gray’s Hotel & Bungalows. This hotel charges $187 a night or can be had through Priceline for $174 a night currently. There are other hotels that are very inexpensive, such as the Samoan Outrigger Hotel which is $57 a night, or $49 through Priceline according to cheapflights.com.

Apia was first established in the 1850s and has a rich history. The author Robert Louis Stevenson lived in Samoa for a number of years and died there in 1894. Near Fagali’I Airport there is a tourist attraction called the Robert Louis Stevenson’s House where he had lived according to books.google.com. This house now serves as a museum and is kept in very good condition by its caretakers. Inside the home there are collections of historical items both from this home as well as others of that era. Tourists can also visit this author’s grave which is located at the summit of Mt. Vaea above his home.

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