Dick DeVos Moves With Purpose and Direction

There are people who get complacent in their lives. There are also people who achieve many things. Dick DeVos is among the achievers. He has run plenty of businesses and owned franchises. He has also gotten involved in different initiatives to improve the community he has grown up in. His hometown has a lot of challenges that he is willing to solve. Dick DeVos loves his hometown enough to want to rebuild it. One of the ways that he is hoping to rebuild it is by going to the root of the issue which is the education system. He understands how children are the future of the society and is willing to help them develop the education needed to build better lives.


Dick can use his example to help children learn skills that are crucial to not only self sufficiency but also success. Among the skills that he can teach in schools are marketing and business. This can not only help children start businesses for themselves but can also help them create jobs. After all, many of the issues of the struggling are financial. If there are not any jobs available, then they are going to struggle in worse ways.


Among the things that Dick DeVos is doing is trying to train up future leaders. These leaders are going to be a great example to their community. Then they are going to influence people in their community as well as inspire them to move forward with their goals. The way that Dick DeVos is doing this is by funding and setting up education facilities so that they can offer better quality education to their students. This can include setting up schools and classes that teach children the different skills that are applicable to their lives. Learn more: http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20170602/NEWS/170609993/dick-and-betsy-devos


One thing that Dick DeVos has that is needed for success is discipline. In order to gain discipline, people have to think ahead in a way that connects with the present moment. It is too common for people to have dreams that are disconnected form their lives. Dick’s experience in business can help him teach people how to set attainable goals.

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