Dick DeVos: The Revolutionary Philanthropist

Meet Dick, a determined philanthropist whose vigor in supporting education reforms is exception. Those who have met Mr. DeVos know that he would give just about anything in support of education reforms. His family has offered a lot in donating to schools, churches, as well as political parties, specifically the Republican Party. Mr. DeVos’ dedication and love for the support of education and the art department has spread like wildfire to the rest of his family members, particularly his children who not only support his quest but also even challenge him to do better, improve and give more as time passes by. Mr. DeVos’ father, Amway, was also a generous contributor to different sectors, a trait that is now being practiced by his son and grandsons as well making it a family tradition.


Education Comes First

Dick and his wife Betsy value education first followed by arts and culture related investments and activities. Their great desire to support the school system is motivated by the urge to fill all the loopholes that exist in the education system, thus giving every American child an equal chance of achieving the American dream. Their donations go to the schools in Michigan, which is the hometown of this selfless couple. The highest percentage of their annual contributions always go to the education sector. Giving without attaching any strings is their strongpoint; they make donations and do not look back to control where and who gets the funds. Nonetheless, they follow up on one aviation-themed charter school in Michigan, which they are an annual contributor. This following up is an effort to appreciate and applaud the students who emerge top in this STEM courses, and at the same time looking forward to promoting more of this kind of courses.


After education comes art and culture to promote cultural diversity in the world. The rest of the money is distributed to community service and development projects, church supporting funds, civil and leadership support fund, and lastly their donations go to the health sector.


How did Dick DeVos get here?

Dick DeVos is a man of great skills who has exploited most if not all of his capabilities and desires. He is a two-time National Champion sailor, a qualified jet aircraft and helicopter pilot. He is a writer whose book was published in 1997, not forgetting that this all rounded family man and successful businessman was also a Republican candidate for governor in 2006. His works extend to the business world where he currently serves as the President of The Windquest Group after previously working at Amway and the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Dick is also a leader when it comes to community services; he is the one who started the Education Freedom Fund, which benefited many poor Michigan kids.





New Brunswick’s Latest Rental Development Is Top Of The Line

October 5th, 2015 Shooting At The Nearby New Brunswick Apartments


New Brunswick, New Jersey police have reported that a shooting took place at the New Brunswick Apartments located on 33 Commercial Avenue. The shooting was believed to have taken place at around 9:30 PM in the evening. Witnesses say that a lone gunman was spotted. He discharged his firearm, believed to be a pistol against an individual who was wounded. The victim was not seriously hurt and was transported by car to a hospital in the city.


New Brunswick police said that they have found bullet casings at the site of the shooting which was at building number one at the New Brunswick Apartment complex. The suspect has not been identified by police. He was described as wearing a hoodie and having ran off into the direction of Nielsen street. The New Brunswick Apartments have seen an uptick in crime lately. The apartment complex is owned by an investment company based in North Quincy, Massachusetts.


November 30th, 2012 Pizza Robbery On Quincy Circle In Dayton, New Jersey


On November 30th, 2012 a pizza delivery driver went to deliver a pizza located on Quincy Circle. After knocking on the doors of the N building of the apartment complex, the pizza delivery driver was told that no pizzas had been ordered. A mistake had been made he was told. When the pizza delivery driver went back to his vehicle he was approached by a robber holding a gun to his head.


One of the robbers has since been identified as Parysh Wood who goes by the alias of Pistol or P gun on the streets. The thief has been identified and caught thanks to detective work done by police and county officials. During the robbery though, the pizza, delivery driver’s wallet and cash was stolen. Parysh Wood currently sits in jail and he may end up giving details into his accomplices that could lead to more arrests on the way.


The Quincy Apartments In New Brunswick, New Jersey Are Safe And Luxurious


Opened up for leasing in 2016, the Quincy is a safe and luxurious rental property located at 120 Nielsen Street. One and two bedrooms apartments as well as studio apartments are now available for leasing. A rooftop pool, lounge and fitness center are a major highlight of the development. Indoor garage parking is also provided to residents. It is important to note that none of the incidents described above took place at or in the immediate vicinity of the Quincy.